Man candles: why you need them in the bedroom

Man candles: why you need them in the bedroom

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Forget florals - more masculine home fragrance does exist, writes David Smiedt

Mention the term 'home fragrance' to most men and you'll find their eyes glazing over like they're watching any Nicholas Sparks big screen adaptation. Mostly because the very idea conjures up cloying florals, dinky tealights and use of the term ylang-ylang. Which, apparently, is a type of tree but the majority of us wouldn't know if it was a fashion label, an exotic virus or an island off the Balinese coast. What's more, the very concept of home fragrance more often than not calls to mind your Nanna's rose-scented potpourri. And not in a good way.

In other words, fragrance is more for your face than your space. Right? We beg to differ. It is possible to imbue your home with touches of scent that don't stray into the overtly feminine. The easiest route to go is candles. Now don't freak out - we're not talking dainty votives with spuriously abstract words like 'hope' and 'inspiration' in an overly ornate font. Rather, check out the Man Candle range from L'Ascari ($29 each). Packaged in what look like smoked glass tumblers, they come in varieties such as Old Oak Tree, Sawdust, Open Field and the always popular Vodka & Schnapps. Another range worth exploring is Foundry, available from Specifically the Tobacco & Vanilla candle ($49.98). Earthy and rich, the tobacco smells freshly harvested - as opposed to the smoking section of a pub.

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Man candles: why you need them in the bedroom (фото 1)Man candles: why you need them in the bedroom (фото 2)

There are also some room sprays to recommend. Again, Paddywax takes the biscuits with its Amber & Smoke room spray (US$19). Both of these elements have an understated manly feel that calls to mind what gentleman's clubs used to be before they were muscled out of the way by establishments employing dancers who went by names such as Tiffani, Porsche and Shiraz. But we digress.

If you want to make more of a statement - something, by the way, which we highly encourage - check out the oil burners from Australian designers Page Thirty Three. Rocking an aesthetic best described by the term 'laboratory chic', they use industrial clamps, glass beakers and tripods to tap into a science experiment vibe. All of which are complemented by timber accents and luxe materials like marble. The Essential Oil Burner and Tripod Oil Burners, $189.95 each, are well worth a look. As for the oils to use - and again just a few drops in water will do you - err on the side of spice such as cinnamon, black pepper and cardamom or timber, like pine, cedarwood and sandalwood. 

Man candles: why you need them in the bedroom (фото 3)

Man candles: why you need them in the bedroom (фото 4)

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