A limited-edition Hermes fragrance for men

A limited-edition Hermes fragrance for men

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Gentlemen, meet your new signature scent

The next time your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend asks what you'd like for your birthday/anniversary/Christmas, this is your answer: the limited edition Terre d'Hermés.

Why? Because the scent is woody but not dry, zesty but not sickly and peppery but not sneeze-inducing. The bottle, with its gleam of silver, sliding stopper and distinctive H-shaped base, will amp up the style credentials of even the most banal bachelor pad and as well as the standard eau de toilette, it's available in a highly concentrated pure perfume that should send it straight to the top of your lust list.

Terre d'Hermés retails for $145/100mL eau de toilette and $155/75mL pure perfume. Find it at department stores and at

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