February's best new scents for men

February's best new scents for men

Valentine's Day, anyone?

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If the world's enduring fascination with Caitlyn Jenner is anything to go by, the word of the moment right now is "trans". For our purposes, however, it's trans-seasonal. More specifically, a slew of new fragrances for men that will take you through the end of summer, into autumn and beyond.

1. Montblanc Legend Spirit EDT, $82,

February's best new scents for men (фото 1)

While traces of Legend's signature oak moss remain in this new incarnation, it's the trio of white woods - sandalwood, cedar and cashmere - that add a beefed up spine. Citrus hints abound in the top notes and aquatic accords make it perfect for summer's lingering curtain call. The ideal Montblanc placebo as you save up for that pen.

2. L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Fraiche EDT, $97,

February's best new scents for men (фото 2)

Issey Miyake is the undisputed master of the clean and subtle genre of men's fragrance. This is another statement in assured, underplayed scent with notes of grapefruit and cardamom at the forefront. The Fraiche Prince, if you will.

3. Rituals Bleu Byzantin EDT, $74,

February's best new scents for men (фото 3)

Aquatic fragrances can by definition sometimes be so watery that any sense of personality is diluted. This new item in the Oriental Essences range sidesteps the trap by including mint, juniper and cypress in the mix. Think cocktails on a Turkish rooftop at sunset.


4. Orris & Sandalwood Cologne Intense, $240,

February's best new scents for men (фото 4)

Perfumer Pierre Negrin's three note symphony - violet, orris and sandalwood - is geared to a unisex market but, unlike others in this category, doesn't overcompensate in either direction. Instead, there is a delicacy to the timbers and florals that may be an acquired taste for some, but that's pretty much the point when you want to stand out from the pack.

February's best new scents for men (фото 5)


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