He's probably just relieved to take a break from discussing fight sequences and sci-fi, but the actor takes the subject of fragrance surprisingly seriously. One of Boss Parfums' newest ambassadors (he's the face of Hugo Boss - The Scent), Theo James knows too well the power of a signature fragrance and regards a spritz of the stuff as his take on a fashion accessory. Here, he recalls his first experiments with cologne (they're as cringe-inducing as your own) and what he looks for in a scent.

Where do you like to spray your fragrance?
"I am classic; a bit on the wrists and then on the sides of the neck - the back of the neck is where it is, actually."

Would you say that putting on a fragrance is also part of dressing up?
"I definitely think so. I tend to only associate it with putting on a suit or putting on an outfit and having to do something specific. I think it is part of dressing up. It is kind of part of your uniform in a way."

Divergent's Theo James talks discos, ex-girlfriends and the power of scent

What is your point of view on the power of fragrance?
"Humans are kind of programmed in a way that the smells evoke very strong memories. I have some strong memories from the smell of freshly cut lemon from holidays with family when I was a child to bad perfumes that I used to wear as a teenager to discos. There are moments to my past that are 100 per cent linked to smell. Smells being such a specific kind of evocative thing, translate very directly to a certain time. I still remember fragrances that I used many years ago and I remember fragrances of ex-girlfriends from back in the day. Someone would be walking down the street and I am like, why do I recognise that? And then you slowly start to piece it together and you start remembering the person."

What are your thoughts on Hugo Boss - The Scent?
"I think the fragrance is very subtle, and for me that is what I like. I don't go for heavy citrus or flowery fragrances for men. I prefer something deeper. I prefer the leathery tones, the richer, more masculine tones. One of my favourite smells is the leather of the boxing glove when it is new. It is a very subtle but very masculine fragrance. But also because of the fruit that they use, it has an addictive kind of quality as well." 

Hugo Boss - The Scent, from $89/50ml.

Divergent's Theo James talks discos, ex-girlfriends and the power of scent