Colour me BAD: when men and hair dye mix

Colour me BAD: when men and hair dye mix

It ain't pretty

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We're all for experimentation, but when it comes to men's dye jobs? Proceed with caution

When you're leading the Formula One driver's standings, you're more than entitled to a touch of swagger. In fact, it's probably expected. Few do it better than Lewis Hamilton. He channels the best of street style with touches of luxe in a way that is so very 2015. Or at least, he did - until he decided to go blonde. Bleach blonde. Thereby instantly transforming himself into Eminem circa 2000 - but without the rhymes, beats or shock factor.

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We're not saying men should never dye their hair, but that it's the exception rather than the rule. In yet another example of the double standards that men benefit from and women just... um... don't, dudes are allowed - even encouraged - to allow the ageing process to unfold up top. It's even picked up its own euphemism, 'salt and pepper', where as women are just 'grey.' If they dare, à la Helen Mirren, Judy Dench and... um, did we mention Helen Mirren and Judy Dench?

In other words, no matter when your first silver strands appear, just go with it. You'll even look distinguished. Until you either open your mouth, start drinking or both.

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It should be pointed out there are some very good dye jobs out there - Tom Cruise is 53 and doesn't have a grey hair to be seen - now that is a mission impossible. Especially considering silver fox George Clooney is just a year older. 

The key here is entrusting this highly skilled process to a professional whose key aim is to make the results look natural. If you must, check out the salon-only Redken Colour Camo treatmentBut if your hair is turning heads, ask for your money back. As for blonde streaks or highlights? Unless you're going to a fancy dress party as Niall from One Direction, just don't.

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Both James Franco and Justin Bieber had a flirtation with full blonde and they ended up looking like shifty dudes in a Byron Bay pub whose business terminology regularly includes the term "ounces". You know what we're talking about. Even the normally infallible Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake went there. And neither brought sexy back.

Men, by all means, experiment with your hair. Its length, its texture, product and styles, but when it comes to colour, be very, very careful. And don't try this at home.

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