Beer and a buzz cut: Sydney’s barbershop renaissance

A close shave

Text: Ros Brennan

Kick it old-school in these pimped out barbershops, where the quality grooming is served with a side of cool beats and a cooler beer 

Did you know that the humble barbershop can be traced back 6,000 years?  Ancient Egyptian royalty were obsessed with standards of beauty, and it wasn't uncommon for the most wealthy to spend a good portion of the day being preened by an army of slaves, using tools fashioned from sharpened flint or oyster shells.

Between the 1880s and the 1940s barbershops were ubiquitous. They functioned not just as a space for men to get their haircut, but a communal place for men to gather, escape the outside world and chew the fat.

More than a century later, barbershops are experiencing a renaissance back into the mainstream. These days, barbers are pimped out with retro-cool vintage furniture (in a visual nod to the centuries-old traditions of the craft), boutique small bars, record stores and even menswear stores. While their cuts all range around the $50 mark, good hair is worth the investment. And don't forget the camaraderie and chin-wagging thrown in for free.

Click through the gallery to discover the best barbershops Sydney has to offer.

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