Guys, this is how you stay cool in summer

Guys, this is how you stay cool in summer

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Has the heat got you looking a little worse for wear? David Smiedt comes to the rescue

As we head into February, Australia enters the stickiest time of the year, when the humidity clings like a co-dependent partner at a Victoria's Secret afterparty. The results can range from a clammy sheen to a damp shirt and everything in between. But never fear, Buro is here.

Get down
If a public transport commute is part of your working life, you'd do well to remember primary school Physics. Specifically, complete the following question: "Hot air...?" That's correct! It rises. In other words, the bottom level of any train carriage will be marginally cooler than the top one.

Spray fresh

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The right deodorant has saved more careers and dates than candlelight and LinkedIn combined. Aesop's new Herbal Deodorant, $35,, contains zinc ricinoleate to help address compounds associated with coryneform bacteria - the main contributor to strong body odour - and a blend of essential oils, including rosemary, sage and eucalyptus. Available from March.

Embrace the 'tox
If your pits are routinely damper than the seats at a Troye Sivan concert, you may be suffering from a condition from hyperhidrosis. Just like your mum's face, it can be helped by Botox. Clinically diagnosed, you can get Medicare rebate and pay around $300-$400 for six months of relief. If your doctor won't come to the party, expect to pay around $1000.

Top of the blots

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If you're using the serviette that comes with your morning latte - more on hot drinks later - to mop the grease or sweat from your brow, you're on the right track but getting off at the wrong station. These items can be fairly harsh on the skin and result in breakouts or dryness. What you want is some purpose built tools. Bobbi Brown Blotting Papers, $35/100 sheets,, come in a discreet black pack and get you back to matte instantly.

Get your daily fibre

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If you are prone to dampness, it's a given that you should probably stick with darker shades which will provide some camouflage. By the same token, you want to look for fabrics that will assist your cause. Uniqlo's Airism range of underwear and tees are made from fibres which wick away sweat and neutralise odours.

Drink to that
Your nanna was right. Kinda. Putting away a hot drink can cool you down. But only under very specific circumstances. If you slug that latte in a hot and dry place - say, Australia - your body will overcompensate for the added heat by sweating. A lot.

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