Attention men: this is how you look instantly hot

Attention men: this is how you look instantly hot

(Hint: it's all in the cut)

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This is a 'do you see everywhere, says David Smiedt. But before you reach for the clippers in disgust, there's a way to take it from cringe to credible

Hit any pedestrianised mall, nightclub or Facebook feed in Australia and you'll see men sporting this hairstyle. Let's call it 'second grade semi professional footy player'. It's shaved to a length more commonly associated with Brazilian waxing. But get this: only on the back and sides.

When briefing their stylist - aka that guy who works out of a cubicle next to the local butchers, charges $9.95 and whose primary qualification is owning a set of clippers - the conversation goes like this.

Stylist: What number? (This indicates the length - or more accurately lack thereof - that the electric snippers are set to.)

Customer: One or two.

End of conversation.

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It's upstairs that the real 'magic' lies. Back when mullets were the thing they were described as 'business up the front and party out the back'. Fast forward to 2015 and we're talking ultra-short back and sides and a penthouse mop up top swept to the side. Where it remains held in place with way more product than its length, texture or density could ever justify. We're talking at least an aisle's worth of Priceline.

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And the coup de grace? Or to put it in the parlance of the dude sporting this 'do "the finishing touch bro"? A part line more artificial than Tara Reid from the waist up. Paying scant attention to where his actual, natural part line lies, the barber cuts one in with a clipper. Depending on the skills of whoever is doing the 'do, this effect can look anywhere from almost natural to healing flesh wound.

If you think we are just on the diss here, think again. Buro is all about positivity and finding a better way, your better way.

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To turn this style from dubious to dapper, a few quick and easy fixes are required. For a start, growing up may mean growing out. A touch more length on the back and sides will soften the look ever so slightly while still keeping the demarcation that gives the look dimension. Think of it as a change in vibe from military to male model. A better way to make use of the length up top  is to sweep it back instead of across to the side. Think Brad Pitt in Fury as opposed to anyone in the background of a Pitbull video.

In terms of product, you want something that hits the middle ground between light and firm hold as well as matte and gloss. Try Jack The Snipper Original Styling Crème, $22,

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Just a blob the size of a 50 cent coin will do, mix it well between the hands to emulsify - aka not sitting on your hairline in attractive white clumps - and rake it back with your fingers for a more casual look or a comb if you're going formal.

It's probably also a good idea to commit the term "'ndercut' to memory as you'll need it when briefing a hairstylist. One whose range of conversation goes beyond "what number". Yes, you'll pay more for the privilege but this as an investment. Your hair is the one thing you will wear every day. And for the love of all that's good in the world - selvedge denim, cashmere, prosecco - stop cutting in your partlines.

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