When your lady speaks, listen... She's done the hard yards, trialling copious amounts of products and services to find the best in the business - so who better to trust with your appearance? 

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Beards, barbers & manscaping: 6 times it pays to listen to your lady

1. When it comes to winning skin

Truth be told, men need a regular skincare routine just as much as women! Your skin, believe it or not, is just as delicate and requires the same level of nourishment and protection from ageing and harsh weather. It's easy to get overwhelmed with so many moisturisers on the market, but with a female counterpart by your side when shopping, you'll know the difference between combination and sensitive skin in no time. Try: Clinique For Men Moisturizing Lotion, $39, clinique.com.au.

Beards, barbers & manscaping: 6 times it pays to listen to your lady

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2. When she nags about your nails

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his hands, so it's important to impress with a tidy set of nails. Having a semi-regular manicure and pedicure instantly enhances your professional look and leaves a clean, polished finish. A quick cut, file, cuticle tidy and buff are all that's needed, requiring little time and maintenance. So put your pride to the side and book in a hand treatment asap.

Beards, barbers & manscaping: 6 times it pays to listen to your lady

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3. Deciding to go hairless

To wax or not to wax? Whether its neck hair, back hair, ear hair, overgrown chest hair poking out over the top of a t-shirt or unruly nose hair, there's no denying men have hair everywhere. While it's a myth that all women dislike men with body hair, it has to be under control and in the right places - a simple chat with your lady can set you straight. There's also a good chance she can suggest a salon to visit if you decide to go smooth and sleek. 

4. To grow or not to grow a beard

The past few seasons have seen rugged hair on the rise with women the world over praising hipster beards and glorifying the man-bun - but it's not that simple. Usually, ladies don't mind a bit of facial stubble - after all, it's a blatant display of nonchalant masculinity - as long as it's groomed just like any other hairstyle! For best result, keep beards trimmed, combed and clean, and steer clear of patchy teenage moustaches. Try: Tom Ford Oud Wood Conditioning Beard Oil, $70, davidjones.com.au.

Beards, barbers & manscaping: 6 times it pays to listen to your lady

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5. When it comes to hair care

Frankie Endersbee female men's hairdresser from Sydney's District Salon has first-hand advice: "Barbers exercise amazing skill and technique, however modernising those techniques is not always their forté." A 15-minute appointment doesn't leave much time for expression of personality - a haircut is so much more than that, it's getting to know who they are, how they dress and their commitment to styling. 

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Beards, barbers & manscaping: 6 times it pays to listen to your lady

Corporate industries are much more favourable these days to individual style. Men no longer have to be clean-shaven, in a suit with a Lego haircut. Individuality is encouraged. Men are able to express their style with their fashion, tattoos, hair and accessories, and as women, we know how fun this can be. Your hairstyle is a massive part of your style and personality. Make it count. Try: Kiehl's Creative Cream Wax, $30, kiehls.com.au.

Beards, barbers & manscaping: 6 times it pays to listen to your lady

6. When making a lifelong decision 

Getting a tattoo is an extremely personal decision and one that's near impossible to undo. Whether your lady finds tattoos a turn on or not shouldn't completely change your opinion but it's definitely worth hearing her thoughts on the design. Alternatively, talk to professional leading ladies Teneile Napoli from Brisbane's Garage Ink parlour or Ellie Thompson from Sydney's Lighthouse Tattoo. Both regularly work with male clients and their artworks, aside from being  spectacular, have a definite female touch.

Hair & Grooming: Frankie Endersbee @ District SalonModel: Colm. Photographer: David Mannah

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