Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring

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Gentlemen, its time for a spring switch up. Take a deep breath and get acquainted with these heady new fragrances

You may not feel it yet, but spring is coming. As if to prove it, perfume and fashion houses have gathered their best noses to release a bunch of new fragrances, just waiting to be snapped up for Father's Day/race days/birthdays... and any other special occasions calling for men to smell nice.

Read on to discover the newest bottles hitting the shelves over the next month or so.

1. L'Homme Prada Intense EDP, $112 (for 50mL) at David Jones and Myer. Available from September 1.

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring (фото 1)

The brand says: "Intense Amber and Patchouli notes cross paths with the refinement of Iris, while the introduction of Tonka Beans brings an airy, oriental dimension to the top end. With its copious accords, this dynamic masculine fragrance rejects the clichés of fixed categories, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the Prada man."

We say: The bottle references Prada's Saffiano leathergoods, and just as the release suggests, this is a juice that plays with gender boundaries. At first sniff, notes of iris lend this an unmistakeable feminine air, but the scent deepens into an oriental, leathery base that's very sexy. No wonder it has unisex appeal.


2. Calvin Klein Obsessed For Men EDT, from $79 (for 75mL), at Myer and David Jones. Available from October 8.

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring (фото 2)

The brand says: "At the heart of Obsessed is the memory of a past love, triggered by the scent of another on the skin. Here, the genders are subverted and layered... the men's scent is in thrall to a dark vanilla... while amber and woods strengthen [its] sense of masculinity. It is this tension, a compulsive push and pull that makes the wearer return to the fragrances time and again. "

We say: Fresh, clean cut and contemporary (a lot like Raf Simon's vision for Calvin Klein), Obsessed for Men falls into the oriental woody amber camp. Top notes are spicy thanks to grapefruit, sichuan pepper andblack cardamom, but the dry down settles into a beautifully woody blend of patchouli, black vanilla and ambrox.


3. Y by Yves Saint Laurent, from $109 (for 60mL) at Myer and David Jones.

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring (фото 3)

The brand says: "The Y fragrance represents the multifaceted personality traits of the Y man: clear and bright at the top, yet strong and sensual at the heart and base. A white and dark masculine fougère created by the legendary nose Dominuque Ropion."

We say: A modern day interpretation of the spirit of Yves Saint Laurent, the campaign features a Y Crew made up of artist David Alexander Finn, rapper Coyle Carner and entrepreneur and AI researcher Alendre Robicquet. Fresh and spicy, it features top notes of white aldehydes, bergamot and ginger; with sage, geranium and violet leaf at the heart, supported by a warm, woody base of ambergris, incense, fir balsam, cedar and musk. 


4. Boss the Scent Intense EDP, $145 (for 100mL) at Myer and David Jones.

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring (фото 4)

The brand says: "Stimulating spicy ginger top notes are intensified by the addition of cardamom. At the heart, exquisite notes of exotic maninka fruit are amplified for maximum effect, while the new addition of vanilla at the base combines with the richness of leather to increase the scent's magnetic strength."

We say: Living up to its name, this potent fragrance is meant for seduction. Rich and intense, courtesy of its blend of spicy cardamom, ginger and masculine leather, The Scent Intense is built for a suit-clad Alpha male... exactly the kind of dude who once worshipped Don Draper. No wonder Theo James is in the campaign.


5. Armani Code Colonia EDT, $115 (for 50mL) at Myer and David Jones.

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring (фото 5)

The brand says: "Armani Code Colonia offers a combination of citrus notes (bergamot, mandarin, pink peppercorns) with aromatic middle notes of clary sage that mingle with floral notes and resonate with salicylate orange blossom. It is this fresh cologne bursting with sensuality, with a light but sophisticated sillage, which reflects a casual attitude elevated to a tenet of elegance that is always respected, never neglected."

We say: As the trend for many men's cologne goes, Code Colonia starts with a zesty top note, but the real point of difference lies in the heart. Citrus quickly settles into a sophisticated and classy fragrance with aromatic middle notes of orange blossom and clary sage, and a woody base comprised of tonka bean and heliotrope. The perfect accompaniment to an Armani suit, Code Colonia is an ideal day fragrance. 


6.  Jo Malone English Oak & Hazelnut, from $198 (for 100mL) at David Jones. Available from September 3.

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring (фото 6)

The brand says: "Earthy. Enticing. Enchanting... Oak is a beautiful, noble wood. It's powerful and iconic. In perfumery you often find sandalwood and cedarwood, but Oak has something unique. It's majestic and mysterious."

We say: Like a warm, enveloping hug in winter, cult perfumer Jo Malone's latest unisex fragrance is earthy and a little mysterious. Top notes of green hazelnut mingle with a cedarwood heart and base of Roasted Oak Absolute (a note that's been patented by the brand) to create a cologne that's equally perfect worn alone or layered with others. Buy it for him and sneak a few spritzes for yourself.

Freshly scented: 6 new men’s fragrances for spring (фото 7)

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