YSL make-up's Lloyd Simmonds on beauty bloggers, Cara D and tattoos

YSL make-up's Lloyd Simmonds on beauty bloggers, Cara D and tattoos

The father of sexy make-up

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Hanging out with Cara Delevingne and dreaming up new make-up shades is all part of a day's work for this American make-up maestro

In Sydney recently to promote YSL's new Fusion Ink Foundation, a long-wearing foundation with a feather-light consistency and a gorgeous velvety finish, Buro sat down with Lloyd Simmonds - beauty extraordinaire and Creative Director of YSL make-up. While we aimed to talk beauty, we also got distracted by a few more, um, pressing topics. Read on to find out more:

So I have to ask: what does a professional make-up artist think about the current beauty blogging phenomenon?

You know, at the very beginning there was just a 45-year-old housewife doing it on herself and it was really fascinating. And now it's become an industry in itself. I love it when it's real and when it's really [about] curiosity and trying new stuff. I watch quite a few of them. But maybe there's too many now - it's hard to find who the really good ones are.

You work a lot with Cara Delevingne - what's she like?

She's a very sweet girl. Very charming and irreverent - all those qualities that have made her such an icon. There's nothing fake and that's what I love about her. And of course, I love her face because you can really go for it. You can throw three kilos of slap on her and she still looks like her!

Is she open to experimentation?

Oh yeah, I think that's part of her charm. She's a modern girl, so sometimes you can improvise - she's great with that.

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And what about those famous eyebrows?

You have to comb them and groom them, and sometimes you have to clip them little tiny bit because they tend to grow in a curve. If you have big bushy eyebrows [like her], just leave it be and brush in the direction that the hair grows. Don't try to change them.

Do you find yourself having to cover up her many tattoos?

We don't, thank goodness. Its great, because covering tattoos is really difficult, technically speaking. There's a special one for cinema, which I've used on a fabulous Australian model [Catherine McNeil]. It took three hours just to cover an ankle and her two hands!"

But so many models have tattoos these days?!

Almost anybody 30 years old or younger has a tattoo. I saw this lady yesterday who was 70 and had her legs tattooed. She was probably a circus freak back in the day but now everybody is like that. Cara has one on the bottom of her foot - of bacon.

Like a slice of bacon?

No, the word bacon. She likes bacon, what can I say?

YSL Le Teint Encre De Peau Fusion Ink Foundation, $85, is available from April 12. For stockist details, call 1300 651 991.