The grown-up guide to wearing glitter

Text: Brittany Lane

This silly season, unleash your inner child and incorperate glitter into your make-up wardrobe 

When the first model walked out on the runway for Atelier Versace runway autumn/winter 16 show, the crowd couldn't stop staring at one thing: those lips. Make-up extraordinaire Pat McGrath had transformed models pout into full-blown, sparkling crimson red lips, and it completely stole the show. In fact, McGrath loves glitter so much; she has since launched a limited edition lip kit to re-create the statement look.

The glitter phenomenon continued in recent spring/summer 17 shows - this time Fendi took centre stage. Make-up artist Peter Phillips created pastel salmon speckled glitter lips, and as he described, "[they looked] as if she's bitten into a donut full of glitter." But if the thought of diamante-crusted pout is a little too shouty for your everyday vibe, glitter can also be worn in a more wearable and subtle way. The secret? Just focus on the eyes. 

Adding a subtle glittery shadow over your usual nude or brown hue can still give off the same effect, without screaming it in your face. And you'll be surprised how much a sheer swatch of shimmer can dress up your entire appearance. So instead of sticking with your safe red lip or your standard smoky-eye this silly season, click through the gallery to see chic ways to wear glitter: 

The grown-up guide to wearing glitter (фото 1)

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