Winter skin SOS: your complete trouble-shooting guide

Winter skin SOS: your complete trouble-shooting guide

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So winter is finally here, and suddenly, your skin isn't looking so crash hot

How did those Stark girls do it? The combination of cold air, dry winds, cranked-up heating (your car is the worst culprit here, FYI), less exercise and a less nourishing diet do not radiant faces make. But saving your skin from the woes of winter is as simple as making a few well-considered tweaks to your diet and beauty routine. Don't believe it's that simple? Read on.

1. Diet
"Dehydrated, dull and aged skins are crying out for antioxidants," says Vaia Pappas of Vaia Beauty in Sydney's Darlinghurst. The solution? "Eating all the colours of the rainbow." We're much less inclined to load up on salads and fresh fruit in winter than summer, but make an extra effort to get your five serves in and your skin will thank you for it. As for other skin-loving foods? "Natural fats from nuts - especially almonds, avocados and fatty fish like salmon and mackerel - wild caught is best," advises Vaia.  She also recommends bone broths as the ultimate beauty elixir. "Due to their high gelatine content they're amazing for connective tissue like hair, skin and nails." Get our nutritionist's bone broth recipe here.

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2. Supplements
While we swear by certain skincare products (read up on some of our faves here and here), deep down we know that topical treatments can only do so much. Give skin an added boost with fish oil and zinc supplements that work to combat dryness from the inside out. "Fish oil supplementation is very beneficial for dry skin," says Vaia, who recommends Bioceuticals. "Taking zinc orally is great for people who suffer from cracked or open skin. As zinc is the most important mineral for skin health, it helps to promote wound repair." Added wintertime bonus: "It's also great for the immune system."

3. Skincare
Bolster your beauty regimen with hydrating products to combat the harsh weather outside; heating inside conundrum. Think nourishing night creams, skin-refining serums and the addition of a moisturising masque to your skincare routine. Vaia likes the new Ultraceuticals Ultra Red Action Cream. "It's incredible! Anti-redness, super hydrating and anti-inflammatory - it eases the winter tightness," she says. "I also swear by their C10 Serum - it plumps the skin, makes wrinkles vanish and brightens." Don't forget to swap your gel or foaming cleanser for a gentle milk, oil or cream formula to avoid stripping the skin when it's at its most sensitive. 

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