It's all thanks to Melbourne-based make-up artist Chantelle Baker, who looks after the mega-star whenever she's in Australia - in between her visits, they keep in touch via text. Baker, who also counts Rachel Zoe ("such a warm soul"), Kate Upton ("gorgeous") and Jennifer Hawkins among her A-list clientele, is one of Australia's best exports when it comes to hair and make-up - she regularly jets to Paris and New York for show season and is international celebs' MUA of choice when they're down under,

Unsurprisingly, there's a collective thirst for Baker's knowledge - so much so that her inaugural masterclasses with fellow MUA Jade Kisnorbo, to be held later this month, sold out within days (you can always check here in case they release more). Missed out? No matter - we quizzed Baker on how to get Gigi's enviable look (hint: it's all in the lips), her make-up MVPs and the next big thing in beauty.

Want to look like Gigi Hadid? Her make-up artist spills her secrets

What are your go-to products when doing Gigi's make-up? 
Keeping it young and fresh was important. Gigi loves make-up and anything looks good on her, she has the most amazing face. I used foundations that had a very natural finish and focused on cream highlighters for that youthful glow.

Does her face shape and complexion best suit a strong eye or a strong lip?
We would experiment with both. One night we did an orange/red lip, and then the next night we did a deep '90s matte brown lip.  I would focus on one and not the other.  If she wanted a bit of a smokey eye then she would love that teamed with a nude lip.  Gigi wasn't afraid to experiment with her looks, which I loved!

In terms of her complexion, is there any product, colour or technique that you avoid? 
I definitely kept her skin fresh, I would avoid heavy foundations and powders.

Want to look like Gigi Hadid? Her make-up artist spills her secrets

What are some of her favourite products? 
Gigi loved her Maybelline nude eyeshadow palette. It's a gorgeous palette full of gorgeous browns and nudes - those colour tones look amazing on anyone! She was also a big fan of individual eyelashes to create more fullness to her eyes. I love ModelRock Lashes Double Medium Individuals.

Can you share something surprising about Gigi, Rachel Zoe and Kate Upton that we wouldn't expect? 
The one thing I will say about all three of these incredible women is that they were all equally such a pleasure to work with.  It was amazing how beautiful and down to earth each one of them was.  I spent a lot of time with Gigi so we have a friendship now.  We still keep in touch via text!  Rachel Zoe was a dream, I loved working with her, such a warm soul and not high maintenance at all - she was FABULOUS! Kate Upton was lots of fun too, we would have a laugh getting ready - a gorgeous girl. 

Who are your favourite celebrities to work with?  
I love working with all of my celebrity clients - it's so hard to choose just one. I've been working with Jen Hawkins for the last seven years so we have a great relationship.  My Melbourne girls, Bec Judd and Nadia Bartel, are always so much fun to work with.  I consider them both good friends.  Jesinta Campbell is gorgeous inside and out, as well as the beautiful Delta Goodrem. 

Want to look like Gigi Hadid? Her make-up artist spills her secrets

What's your make-up signature?
I often get told that it's the eyes for me. A bronzed/gold smokey eyes and glowing skin.

What would you say is the strongest make-up trend this year? 
Definitely an updated '90s trend with a matte lip in shades of nudes and browns. The brows are still huge in fashion: outgrown, big and natural. 

What should no woman leave the house without?
Moisturiser with an SPF!

Want to look like Gigi Hadid? Her make-up artist spills her secrets

What's your number one beauty trick?
Using an illuminator mixed with my foundation or moisturiser for glowing skin.

What's the biggest beauty mistake women make, and how do you fix it?
Overdrawn eyebrows!  Stick to a shade that is slightly lighter than your brows for a much more natural look.  Use a brow mascara and shadows for a lighter finish.

Want to look like Gigi Hadid? Her make-up artist spills her secrets