The unorthodox secret to #flawless skin

The unorthodox secret to #flawless skin

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It may seem counterintuitive but according to nutritionist Zoe Dent bacteria (germs/dirt/bugs) could be the secret to turning your skin from grey to glowing

Um, say what now? According to Find Your Glow's all-star health guru Zoe Dent, 'good' gut bacteria, essential for tip top health is not the only bacteria we need to be involved with, she says, "maintaining healthy bacteria levels is just as important for glowing skin."

Isn't that the complete opposite of everything we've always been told about super clean skin translating to unblemished, flawless skin? Yes, but... Zoe says, "New research has found that your skin offers more immune function than merely being a physical barrier. With the discovery of skin-associated lymphoid tissue, we now know that these immune cells are capable of sensing and dealing with bacteria on their own, as well as communicating with lymph nodes within the body and sending signals for the body to launch an appropriate immune response."

So just like good bacteria in our gut can protect against infection, good bacteria on the skin can do the same. 

So far, so interesting. But how can we get the good bacteria onto our skin and turn that glow on? Zoe shares her four top get-dirty-to-get-glowing tips here:

#1 Avoid toxic cleansers and anti-bacterial soaps: It's important to avoid environmental toxins such as triclosan which is banned in the USA as carcinogenic yet is still found in many over-the-counter Australian hand sanitisers. Enviro toxins can also be found in kitchen, laundry and skincare products and damage the good immune cells.

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#2 Use a probiotic on your skin: The Beauty Chef has a Probiotic Skin Refiner and Mother Dirt has a full bacteria-based line up including a cleanser, face and body mist, plus hair care products. Probiotics are live 'good' bacteria, using them topically re-introduces healthy bacteria to boost your skins natural glow.

Probiotic skincare: The Beauty Chef and Mother Dirt

#3 Get sweaty: Not only is sweat one of the body's best ways to remove internal toxin build up, it's also thought to have a probiotic effect, thus feeding your skin's healthy bacteria levels.

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#4 Get dirty: The simplest solution, yet one that too many of us overlook in our busy digital lives. Simple ways to incorporate this into your daily routine is to get your hands dirty gardening, lie in the grass in your lunch break, remove your shoes and connect with the earth, go on a weekend bush walk adventure or swap the gym for a morning beach run.

Zoe is running a 'seasonal glow' workshop on September 17 covering nutrition and wellness for glowing skin, to book: 
You can also find Zoe on Insta @findyourglow_nutrition

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