The simple steps for a knockout DIY blow dry

The simple steps for a knockout DIY blow dry

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Legendary hair stylist and ghd creative director Richard Kavanagh shares his expert tips on how to do a knockout DIY blow dry at home

Taking time out from a marathon 12-hour ghd 'infinite styling' event he was directing at Sydney's iconic Opera House, celeb hair stylist (he works on all the best fashion editorial and shows, and his favourite celebrity client is Kelly Osbourne because "she's such a riot") and ghd creative director Richard Kavanagh shared the tips and tricks to achieving a salon-level blow dry at home.

Where to start with the DIY blow dry? 
First thing is you gotta have the right tools and a really good hair care regime. So get your hair in good condition first.

What's next? 
After shampooing and conditioning your hair, towel dry it, but when you towel dry your hair, don't rub it with the towel, squeeze it with the towel. You know when you were a kid and your mum used to throw your head upside down and rub your head with the towel? Don't do it because all it's doing is damaging the cuticle layer and breaking the hair which is going to make it look dull and fly away. So squeeze the moisture out of the hair, don't rub it out.

Towel drying done, what's next? 
Take your blow dryer and hang your head upside down if you want to get volume. Blast-dry your hair until it's 95 per cent dry. Use the wind. Don't tire your arms out trying to get a brush in it when it's wet.

ghd infinite styling event: hair upside down

Would you use a comb before blow drying? 
100 per cent detangle it with a comb, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle it, throw your head upside down and then blast it dry. You could use a little bit of heat protector or volumising product depending on what your hair needs, everybody's hair is different. But 95 per cent dry before you start working with a brush.

Okay, so the hair is now 95 per cent dry, what's next? 
Take a large bristle round brush - the bristle brush is going to spread the natural oils down the hair shaft and make the hair shinier. Take big sections and blow dry starting at the roots and working towards the end, so that you're blowing the air down the hair shaft to close the cuticle and make it shiny. That's the key with the brush and the blow dryer, blow dry down the hair shaft towards the ends and the bristles from roots to ends to distribute the oils from roots to ends.

What about adding a wave? 
Depends on what sort of wave or finish you want - if you've got a lot of thick hair and you want to put some bend and wave in it, you're going to use a slightly smaller tong like the ghd Classic Curl Tong. If your hair is a little bit finer and holds a curl really well then you can go for the ghd Soft Curl Tong, which is the larger tong.

ghd Soft Curl Tong

Simply wrap your hair around the tong without opening it using the heat and technology within the style tool to close the cuticle layer, smooth the hair and do the last little bit of adding volume and bend. My tip is start at the front... work your way straight back down the middle to the nape, then do the sides.

ghd infinite styling event

Another tip is, if you're working on the left hand side, hold the tong in your right hand and come up and over your head. It's going to be much easier to wrap the hair around the tong without accidentally burning yourself and taking the tong out is much safer. And again if you're working on the right hand side, left hand up and over.

And the finishing touch? 
To finish you want to take a large cushion brush or ghd paddle brush... then you're going to brush it out really thoroughly from side to side and run your hands through it so that it feels, natural, lived-in and effortlessly. And then whatever finishing products you need. Everyone's hair is different. You may need to add a little bit of shine, so a little serum, you may need hold from a little bit of hairspray. And if you're going to use hairspray  - do it at arms length.

ghd inifnite styling event: arms-length hairspray

If you need a little bit of extra volume particularly through the crown, then what you're going to do is take a tail comb and section off a little bit of hair, comb it from roots to ends and very gently backcomb the roots just a little bit, don't go hard teasing it into a big birds nest.

Do you have any final secret tips you'd like to share? 
Even if you're curling your hair, tapping a ghd Platinum Styler (straightener) over it when it's finished will make it look lived-in, effortless and cool girl.

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