The secret diet trick to glowing skin

The secret diet trick to glowing skin

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Want glowing skin, shiny hair and healthy nails? Nutritionist Zoe Dent says making a simple supplement switch may just do the trick

Adding a spoonful of protein powder to your morning smoothie has become the normal health go-to, but mindlessly doing the same thing day in, day out is going to get boring for both you and your body fast. Plus... there's the FOMO factor - what if there's a better supplement out there that not only helps your insides but provides stunning benefits on the outside, like radiant skin, shiny hair and strong nails?

Well, read on because we have some good, no, great news for you.  Find Your Glow nutritionist Zoe Dent suggests you switch out your protein supplement for a collagen supplement and like some kind of beauty magic, glowing skin and shiny hair will appear.

Zoe says there's an old school diet reason why we should introduce collagen back into our lives, "...traditional diets were naturally higher in collagen, as they incorporated the whole animal when cooking, using bones and bone meats for collagen rich broths, soups and stews. Today, our love of 'lean' muscle meats and processed fast foods means this healing superfood has slipped from our plates."

But don't worry, that doesn't mean switching to a cave man diet of gnawing on bones and throwing back bone broth, Zoe says, "Simply swap your current protein powder for a collagen powder to supercharge your diet and reap the rewards."

Read on for Zoe's compelling reasons to make the switch:

Glowing skin: did you know our skin is made up of 75 per cent collagen, which naturally begins to degenerate in our 20's? Collagen is also the building blocks for our hair and nails. Add some collagen in and say goodbye to brittle nails and hello shiny, bouncy hair.

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Taste: most collagen powders are pleasantly tasteless - which means they don't hijack your smoothie with the taste of chalk. Also because it's taste-free, you can literally add it to anything like cold drinks, soups, even your morning cup of coffee.

Pure protein: a 12g serving of collagen powder provides 12g of protein. This means you need a smaller serving than most of the protein powders on the market, and you avoid the risk of choosing a protein powder with ingredients that read like a chemical haze. Collagen also has a naturally long shelf life, so brands don't need to add any artificial preservatives to keep it stable.

Gut health: collagen is also important for gut and digestive health, it provides the building blocks to repair our gut lining. The gut is the centre of our immune system and where our happy hormones are made, so we want to keep this guy in good shape.

Muscle booster and joint protector: collagen acts like the glue that keeps our joints supple, and provides key nutrients to help build our muscles. So it make sense to sip on a collagen smoothie post-work out to boost your muscle and help repair any degeneration as well as increase your fat burning performance.

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Zoe recommends the Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty blend as it has added zinc and vitamin C for extra glowing skin.

Zoe runs eight-week cleanse programs with Kellie Prieur from HeartGlow Yoga which includes a cleansing wholefoods plan, weekly meditation, yoga sequences and an educational e-book, for details: 
You can also find Zoe on Insta @findyourglow_nutrition

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