The queen of blow-dries spills the secret to a knockout ‘do

The queen of blow-dries spills the secret to a knockout ‘do

Silky hair is actually achievable

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Queen of the killer blow-out and founder of leading US blow-dry bar Drybar, Alli Webb, shares her secrets for a knockout blow-dry, embracing frizz and her insider tips for L.A.

Alli Webb has the kind of success story dreams are made of. The California-based founder of blow-dry only salon, Drybar, built her US$70million+ business in just a few short years from the most simple of ideas: a blow-dry only salon.

After taking time off to have a family, the trained stylist started doing mobile blow-outs for the moneyed mummy set in Los Angeles, charging a set fee and bringing her hair tools and skills to her client's homes. The demand for the mobile blow-out service was such that in 2010 with investment and help from her marketer brother, her husband and her sister-in-law she launched her first blow-dry only bar, aptly called Drybar, in Brentwood, California.

Alli Webb Drybar founder

Fast forward to 2018 and there are 92 Drybar locations around the US and Canada as well as a line of hair products which are now available in Australia exclusively at Sephora.

Webb recently made a flying visit to Australia for the Sephora launch and shared her secrets for a killer blow-out, embracing frizz, her beauty tips and her insider guide to L.A.

What are your three golden rules for a killer blow-out?

1. Start clean: freshly washed hair blows out much better - be sure to get all the oil and residue out before you start!!

2. Pick products appropriate for your hair type and texture. And go easy - less is more. With the exception of volumisers, creams and oil products should be applied from the mid shaft to the ends then combed through to evenly distribute.

3. During the blow-out, be sure to rough dry out about 30 per cent of the moisture. Work in small manageable sections and be sure the heat is going down the hair shaft to lay down the cuticle. And always wear a shower cap in the shower to block against humidity!

 Alli Webb Drybar founder

What's your best frizz-fighting trick and product?

Embrace the frizz. Frizz is really a form of texture - so when you're in a very humid climate, on vacation or want to give your locks a break, try my tried and true method as follows.

When my hair is wet (from the ocean or just washed) I first spray in Mr. Incredible leave-in conditioner, and either comb through with my Lil' Lemon Drop Daily Detangler or finger tousle to remove any tangles.  

Next, I tousle my hair with my fingers so it starts to naturally dry (you can speed up this process by rough drying with a dryer if you have access to one) either way the trick is to get you hair about 40 per cent dry. Then I put The Chaser Shine Cream in my palms, rub together and start twisting in sections all around my hair - this should take about seven minutes (be sure to get the back and underneath layers) focusing the Chaser on your ends.

Are there plans to open any Drybar salons in Australia?

Well we can't confirm anything just yet, but I'll say this... I have truly fallen in love with Australia, the people, the culture, and I think a Drybar would be a fantastic addition to the country! Wink wink.

Advice to make thin hair look thicker?

It's all about using the right product. Try using Triple Sec and our new Root Lifter in wet hair before you blow it out!

What products are always in your beauty bag and why?

Chaser Shine Cream, it helps tame my sometimes unruly hair. And Mai Tai Spritzer for texture-to-go!

Alli Webb's favourite Drybar products: Chaser and Mai Tai Spritzer

Fave places in LA?

I love Sugarfish and Catch! I shop at The Grove and in Culver City at Midland and Bird Brooklyn.

Can you share something surprising about yourself?

I'm a dog person. I have two, but would have 10 if my hubby would let me. I'm also a bit of Netflix junkie, I love a good series!

Drybar products are available from Sephora stores and online at

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