The new wave: hair secrets from a VS hair stylist

The new wave: hair secrets from a VS hair stylist

Not such a secret anymore

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The 2016 Victoria's Secret show proved that any type of girl can get now get that bombshell curl

It all started five years ago when one night celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa had a vision of a hair curler that she scribbled on a napkin to her sister. Fast forward a couple of years, and this vision turned into a groundbreaking product that has since become the wave whisperer of Hollywood. We sat down with Sarah's sister Emily Potempa, creative director of The Beachwaver Co, to give us the inside scoop on all of the backstage madness of the Victoria's Secret show and the best tips and tricks when it comes to those waves: 

Firstly, congratulations on your second show with Victoria's Secret! What was the look you went for?
Thank you! Yes it was our second year that we were the official hair tool of the VS show, so this year was really about bringing back big bombshell waves.  Last year it was a little bit more natural so they really wanted to bring more volume and bigger iconic waves. 

The 2016 Victoria Secret show had such a diverse bunch of girls, was this challenge in the hair department?
We really emphasised whatever natural texture the models had, trailing a couple of the different models and we did demos on how they wanted the models to look for each individual like Dilone and Alana (below) and they decided to just emphasise the natural texture and keep it straight too. We also had to figure out how to include some of the models accessories like hats and ensure the hair still looked great. They really wanted them to be unique and feature different lengths and then obviously there was a bunch of girls who had that iconic bombshell wave too.

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If you had to choose, who do you love working with the most out of the girls?
Oh that's way too hard to decide! They are all just so pretty and so nice. The VS show always find people who are just so nice and good to work for, and when you meet them they are just actually so down to earth. But I do love working with the core group of the girls who are the angels like Taylor Hill and Elsa Hosk, they just have that amazing bombshell beautiful hair and are so gorgeous. The team also work with them all year round so you see them more often than the others.  

Tell me about the $6000 hair curler that was used backstage?! Sounds insane...
Omg it was so amazing! So this year we partnered with Swarovski and they created a fully adorned beach waver it was so pretty. Everyone who had it in their hands was like I'm taking this home!

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What do you think your best tips for perfect beach wave hair?

It's really important to curl away from the face. Think of the clamp as your thumbs and you want to clip the hair in and always open it up. I also always stress to let them cool, you want to let them set-so once their cool to touch you can then run your fingers through it instead of doing it immediately after you've curled. And for styling, do the whole head one direction each side, then take a bristle brush and flexible hairspray, spray it on the brush then brush it out and that's when you get that that amazing bombshell look.

What do you think are the biggest hair trends at the moment?
I think biggest trends are always the beach wave but celebrities especially love that vintage, deep side-part, old Hollywood glamour look. We were just doing the Golden Globes and it was really requested this season as it stays so nicely in place so if there is wind or humidity.

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What's the biggest misconception when curling the hair?
How easy it is! The beachwaver tool makes it so simple and quick it's done in ten minutes flat. One of the models Josephine Skriver was chatting to us at the show and was like to us "I can finally curl my hair at home!" like people  can actually style their hair now which is so cool.  

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