The lazy girl's guide to really good hair

The lazy girl's guide to really good hair

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Resolved to actually do something about your hair this year, but already hitting snooze instead?

We hear you. For most of us, styling versus sleeping is a game our hair will never win. No matter how much we would like to front up to work with freshly tonged tresses every day, that extra 15 minutes in bed always wins out. And the good news is, that's okay - with these five time-saving tricks, good hair is well within reach of even the laziest, non-morning types among us.

1. Hold back on heat styling
The current trend for air-dried hair is your saving grace. "Give your hair one day off a week from heat styling and embrace the natural texture of your hair," says Justin McLachlan, master stylist of Oscar Oscar Brisbane CBD. "Doing less of something is easy, right?" Yes, McLachlan, yes it is. He adds, "Try sweeping your hair back into a high ponytail the day after a beautiful blow-wave to maintain a polished look." That way, you can make a good hair day last longer than 24 hours.


2. Get cut
It's easy to get lazy when it comes to booking haircuts, but that hour in the chair will pay dividends every morning for the next month. "Aim for a trim every 6-8 weeks to enjoy healthy hair (with no split ends) all year round," advises McLachlan.

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3. Stop washing your hair
Yep. "Washing your hair daily can leave your scalp dry and flaky, stripping precious natural oils in the process," says McLachlan. "Try extending your wash an extra day by incorporating a dry shampoo into your routine." He likes Aveda's Shampure Dry Shampoo ($30). "It's not an aerosol so you're actually helping save the planet while you use it - bonus!" Another plus? We've never met a dry shampoo that didn't give us instant bouncy, blow dry volume - sans the actual blow dry.

4. Say goodbye to your hairbrush
"If your current brush has more hair and lint than bristles, you're definitely in the market for an upgrade," says McLachlan. Invest in a paddle brush that can be used for detangling, blow-drying and styling - and watch your hair get shinier by the day.

5. Seek professional help
Don't be shy - chances are your hairdresser will love it if you ask them for a few pointers. "It may be as simple as showing you how to pull your hair into a polished ponytail with no hairband showing, or perhaps it's asking them for a 10-minute tutorial with a curling wand while in salon," says McLachlan. Or, put aside some time for a little practice with a YouTube tutorial. Who knows - you might even start saving time in the mornings. 

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