The golden rules of shiny hair according to celeb stylist Christophe Robin

The golden rules of shiny hair according to celeb stylist Christophe Robin

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Celebrity French haircare brand, Christophe Robin has landed at Sephora Down Under and founder Christophe Robin shares the golden rules for smooth, A-list-level silky hair

Legendary French hair stylist Christophe Robin has been colouring and styling the locks of every model, actress and A-list celebrity since supermodels became a thing in the '90s. Robin created Stephanie Seymour's iconic colour and went on to work with Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer and pretty much all the big name Hollywood stars.

Christophe Robin with Natasha Poly (left). Claudia Schiffer Vogue IT 2008 (right).

Styling and colouring aside, Robin launched his eponymous haircare brand back in 1999 specially formulated for coloured and sensitive hair. Since then the Christophe Robin brand has become a cult favourite with celebrities and is the secret silky-tressed actresses and models swear by.

And now we can join the Christophe Robin hair tribe with the launch of his range on and in store this week at Sephora's Highpoint store in Melbourne (cue cheering!).

In town to launch his brand and introduce his game-changing new aloe vera range, Robin shares his golden rules for good hair, why you should never use dry shampoo plus all the tricks and products for shiny tresses:  

How often should we wash our hair? 
The least possible. But it depends if you exercise a lot, if you cook in a kitchen... or whatever, you're going to have to wash your hair every day. And always, always put a little product. People are like... they put too much, and after it's difficult to rinse. So just put a little amount, always add water, give it a good massage, but not massaging onto the ends and rinse very well.

What should we wash it with? 
Would you wash your silk shirt, or your cashmere sweater with a harsh detergent? No, so keep that same idea with your hair. Use a good shampoo like my best-selling Cleansing Purifying Scrub with sea salt or my new Hydrating Shampoo with aloe vera or my Hydrating Shampoo Bar with aloe vera.

My sea salt product is the fourth most addictive product in the US. It's a game changer, that one. Truly a game changer, and it's great for the scalp, but it can be harsh for the ends. So you might want to put a little bit of my Moisturizing Hair Oil with lavender on the ends.

Christophe Robin purifying range. Image: @christopherobinparis

Is scalp massage important? 
Yes, always give it (your scalp) a good massage to really activate the blood circulation (which is good for hair growth). Also, loosen your hair every night before you go to bed, upside down, give it a good little massage and breathe.

Should we use dry shampoo? 
No... your scalp can't breathe. Dry shampoos are meant to fix greasy hair, and it's just for one night usually. But it coats the scalp... and the scalp can't breathe, and when the scalp can't breathe it becomes greasy again. The lab in Parma Italy that makes my products is a skincare lab and we consider the scalp as the skin, and we work with scalp as the skin... you need to keep the scalp clean and fresh.

Which hair tools make hair shiny? 
Good tools are important. My brushes are made in France by the oldest French factory and I am very proud of them, they just won an award in America. They're pre-used and it's like your jeans, when you wear them for a long time, they're comfortable. When a brush is brand new, you can't grab the hair. But pre-used it connects with the hair and the brushes also have keratin in them, which, oh wow does it make hair shiny.

Christophe Robin brushes. Image: @christopherobinparis

What's the one product everyone should have for great hair? 
For me, if you should have one product, it should be the Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender. You put it when you go to the beach, you put it when you go to the swimming pool. It's got sun protection in it. It's really a great product.

Can you share details of your exciting new aloe vera range? 
There's a Shampoo Bar with aloe vera, Hydrating Shampoo with aloe vera and a Hydrating leave-in mist with aloe vera.

Christophe Robin Shampoo Bar with aloe vera

I thought the shampoo bar would be so niche that we would sell, you know, just a few for the vegan-girl-in-Los-Angeles, but we sold out after two months. The ones who love it are saying, "The more I use it, the more my hair is unbreakable, stronger and thicker." I adore that product, I wash my hair with it. It's like putting oil onto your hair, but when you rinse it's quickly cleaner, because it's alkaloid with soap. For the scalp, it's amazing. Your boyfriends, you know, are going to steal that from you in the shower, because it's so good for the scalp.

I also did the Hydrating Shampoo and... the formulation, so simple, is 99 per cent natural. Just 1 per cent perfume and it makes hair shiny, clean. After that put the (Hydrating leave-in) mist on the ends. Simple.

Christophe Robin aloe vera shampoo and mist

You test your products on movie sets, is that correct? 
We test the products a lot... and we work a lot with movie hair stylists. Because on a movie, actresses need to keep their hair clean all week and her colour needs to be exactly the same for months (the colour is done every 10 days). Plus, every day, they're going to use the curling iron, and all of those heat tools. So, all of our testing is long term over the course of the movie. Movie sets are truly the best way to test a product.

Christophe Robin on set. Image: @christopherobinparis

Christophe Robin is available now from

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