Skin saviour: why oils can clear your cystic acne for good

Skin saviour: why oils can clear your cystic acne for good


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We spoke to the cult beauty brand who's changing the skincare game for good

After months of experimenting with dermatologist-prescribed creams, antibiotics and anything else Jasmine Garnsworthy could get her hands on to cure her acne - nothing seemed to be working. So as a last resort, the wellness and beauty editor turned to a holistic approach to clear her skin. And wouldn't you know - she starting seeing results. This is where she fell in love with jojoba oil; an antibacterial, nourishing oil that is loaded with insanely good healing powers for your skin. And it was also a major light-bulb moment for the Aussie journalist. 

Fast-forward a couple of months and Garnsworthy (who now sports a crystal clear complexion) created The Buff: a bespoke range of beautiful oils that are designed to suit your specific skin type. Curious? Hooked already? We were too. So I chatted to Jasmine to get the ins and outs on customized oiling, here's how it went down: 

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Tell us a little bit about how the idea for The Buff came about?
I experienced an awful acne breakout in 2015 that lasted months and no amount of dermatologist-prescribed creams or antibiotics could clear it up. As a wellness and beauty writer and editor - for sites such as POPSUGAR, Byrdie, Refinery29, Stylecaster, Sporteluxe, and Racked - I spent a lot of time researching and writing about diet and natural beauty, and decided to take a more holistic approach to clearing my acne. I completely detoxed my beauty routine and moved to all clean and natural products, focused on foods that promoted healthy gut bacteria, started using diluted apple cider vinegar as a toner, and swapped my skincare products for oils.  I learned about jojoba oil and I also discovered tamanu oil, a substance that's been used for generations by Polynesian women to treat acne and scars.  After several weeks of my all-natural new routine-including oiling every day-the acne and residual scarring cleared. I was hooked, and decided to study a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation with Formula Botanica and create my own beauty oil line.

Do you believe acne sufferers tend to have a misconception about using oil products?
Yes, it's a myth that beauty oils exacerbate breakouts-many are non-comedogenic, meaning they don't block pores. Some can actually work to regulate your skin's overproduction of sebum and offer antibacterial, blemish-fighting properties!

What are the benefits of oils and why should we include them into our beauty regimen?
Oils provide a protective barrier to lock in moisture, keeping the skin soft and supple by acting as a sealant to stop it from losing hydration. They're filled with various good-for-you antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins that can repair and protect the skin, while also working to relieve certain skin issues.  Still, that doesn't mean you should grab any old oil-certain blends are better suited to specific skin types.

How quickly can people expect results?
Beauty oils can make your skin temporarily appear more hydrated after each use. It took a few weeks of my all-natural regimen to assist with acne and scars.

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So how does The Buff ordering work? 
Customers complete a Skin Quiz and then a blend is crafted to their individual skin needs, whether it's acne, dryness, redness, or fine lines. We use oils such as jojoba, tamanu, rosehip, argan, raspberry seed, maracuja (derived from passion fruit), lemon essential oil, and clary sage, handpicking the most relevant for each customer.  

For an acne sufferer, do you recommend to use the Blemish Elixir or the Face Oil?
Jojoba oil, contained in our Blemish Elixir, is my absolute favourite for acne-prone skin. These liquid wax esters can help control your skin's sebum production and boast antibacterial properties. They also closely mimic the natural, restorative esters that your skin already produces, meaning jojoba can easily penetrate the skin and deliver rich nutrients where they're needed. Oh, and it's non-comedogenic, which means jojoba oil won't block your pores. The oil is golden and basically scentless, and a total crowd-pleaser. In saying that, customised blends will also look at essential oils like clary sage that can help balance oil production, so it depends on your personal preference.

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In our skincare routine, where do the oils sit? And how many times a day should we apply?
Personally, I love to apply my jojoba oil straight to clean skin after cleansing and toning as I find many serums and moisturisers trigger acne breakouts. However, it's also nice to use the oil in the evening after cleansing, toning, and using a serum. Remember that whatever sits on clean skin will be absorbed the most. You can either use the oil straight or mix a few drops with your moisturiser and apply to your face and neck. 

Besides oiling, what else do you use in your skincare routine?
I cleanse with an oil cleanser, apply a weekly charcoal face mask from May Lindstrom (The Problem Solver), tone every few days with diluted apple cider vinegar, and then apply oil. Sometimes I'll mix the oil with a May Lindstrom moisturizer and also use an eye cream.

Do the oils sit fine under make-up?
If you want to apply oil before makeup I recommend lighter options that absorb more quickly, like rosehip oil. Adding a couple of drops to your moisturiser can actually create a really beautiful, dewy finish.

Where did the personalisation idea come from?
I love to monogram basically everything, so why not your beauty products?

What's next for The Buff?
Ramping up our distribution with a stronger retail presence, and a tons of really fun oil blending activations and events. 

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