The best new brow products you need in your kit

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Brows can make even the most accomplished beauty queen baulk, but the latest taming and shaping products make it easy to DIY

Whether you need to atone for the sins of pluckings past or have a pair of caterpillars in desperate need of maintenance, learning how to manage your brows is as crucial as mastering winged liner - arguably, more so. Your brows frame your face, balance your features and can lift your entire look... or drag it all down. Not friends with tweezers or hot wax? No problem - that's best left to the professionals. "See your brow artist to create the shape and the structure for you, but for maintaining them at home, products are going to give you the best result," says Benefit Australia's national brow artist, Hannah Terrett.

Thanks to bushy-browed beauties like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, at-home products are back in the spotlight. Click through the gallery above for our edit of the best on shelf right now, and read on for Terrett's guide to getting your brows right.

What's the biggest brow mistake women make?
The biggest brow mistake I see is over-tweezing. It's still something that's really common. I find that a lot of people take their brows too far apart from the centre, and the second area that's a bit of a challenge for over-tweezing is the arch point. People take the arch point too far inward, closer to the nose, which can give you more of a hook-like appearance.

What's the easiest way to add bulk to over-plucked brows?
Use Benefit's Brow Grow Conditioning Primer to condition and strengthen, it contains keratin and soy which is designed for stimulation, and also helps to strengthen your hair follicle. The priming element helps your other products to stay on the skin for longer; it's kind of like a hair treatment but for your brows. And try to stay clear of the tweeezers!

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What brow products should every woman own?
If I had to pick three, I would always invest in a pencil - pencils are a great option for a brow beginner. A brow volumiser is great if your brows are lacking density, and then also something like a setting gel.

Are there any rules for picking the right colour product for your brows?
It depends on personal preference, but to really give your brows the definition they deserve, go one to two shades deeper than what they are naturally. That helps them look thicker and more defined and can really enhance the shape. If you're looking to soften your brows, go one to two shades lighter with the colour.

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