The 5 make-up brushes you actually need

The 5 make-up brushes you actually need

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Don't know your synthetic from your sable? Turns out both have a place in your kit

Given that they can completely transform your make-up, we pay surprisingly little attention to brushes. No make-up artist would get up in the morning without them, but the average woman relies on her fingers and maybe the odd cursory swipe of a beauty blender to put her face on. It's a dire situation.

But with the launch of lauded cosmetics company ZOEVA on our shores, there's no longer any excuse not to own the essentials. Famed for its high quality yet affordable range of make-up tools, ZOEVA is the brainchild of Zoe Boikou, who began crafting the brushes from her living room floor and selling them on eBay before her brand took off in 2008. "Using the correct brush can make a huge difference," Boikou tells us. "You'll be able to achieve clean, precise and streak-free results, regardless of whether you prefer liquid, cream or powder products." We quizzed her on the make-up brushes we actually need, how to use them properly and what works best.

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What 5 make-up brushes should every woman have in her kit?

Navigating your way through the world of brushes can be a challenge, but if you really want to break it down then make sure to have these brushes at your fingertips:  

 1. A foundation brush to really buff the product in and blend it together seamlessly.

2. A blush brush to contour without streaking.

 3. A liner brush to give you perfect control when applying liner in quick strokes.

 4. An eye blender brush to eliminate any harsh lines and blend eyeshadow color flawlessly.

5. An eyebrow brush to create and shape the perfect arch.

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What's your top application tip when using a foundation brush?
Be sure to always use a clean foundation brush. The best way is to start with a small amount of product, layering as you go - that way you can easily control your desired opacity.

Can you explain how different brushes give you different coverage and effects?
Brushes with dense hair hold more product, which is perfect when applying foundation or mineral makeup. Brushes with less dense hair are best used in combination with bronzer, highlighter or blush - ideal for light to medium coverage.  

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What's the difference between synthetic and sable?
Synthetic hair works great with liquid or cream products, such as foundation and concealer, as it doesn't soak up the product. Natural hair is extremely durable, blissfully soft and works best with powder products. 

How often should you replace your brushes?
Make-up brushes of high quality should last you several years, especially if taken care of properly. 

Find the full ZOEVA range at and The range drops in Sephora stores on November 26. 

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