The 5 dos and don’ts of dry body brushing

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Do you dry body brush? Here's why you should

If scrubbing your body with a dry brush sounds about as appealing as flossing your teeth, then join the club. But bear with us, because we're starting to wonder if dry body brushing is a bit like drinking a green juice: weird in the first instance, but quickly addictive. 

Certainly, the benefits outweigh any initial discomfort you may have, with dry brushing said to tighten skin and improve texture, remove dead skin, boost circulation, increase cell renewal, cleanse the lymphatic system, aid in the treatment of cellulite and even stimulate glands. I mean, after reading that, the answer to whether to brush or not seems pretty obvious, right? And with summer fast approaching (where did the 2017 go?), we’ll soon be baring our shoulders, thighs, stomachs and other body parts which have mostly been covered for the past three months... eek!

With that in mind, we asked Samantha Sargent from organic skincare line AEOS for her best body brushing tips and tricks. Click through the gallery above to read her 5 dos and don'ts of body brushing. 

The 5 dos and don’ts of dry body brushing (фото 1)

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