Perfect package: a new make-up range from a seasoned pro

Perfect package: a new make-up range from a seasoned pro

Surratt Beauty

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Make space in your beauty cupboard, this artist-created make-up line is the real deal

You don't know Troy Surratt's name, but you should. The American make-up artist has attended to the visages of Charlize Theron and Adele, was mentored by legendary celebrity make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin and once enjoyed the plum gig of Global Consulting Makeup Artists for Maybelline New York. But impressive credentials aside, what you really should be excited about it his Japanese-inspired line Surratt Beauty which launches into Mecca this month.

Perfect package: a new make-up range from a seasoned pro (фото 1)

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The product of four years of refining and development (and 13 years of invaluable industry experience) Surratt Beauty is that rare breed of beauty line where every single product has been meticulously considered and tested to fit Surratt's self-confessed "maniacal perfectionist" standards. The result? A highly customisable range of refillable, gorgeously toned make-up heroes like no other on the market. And with international stockists of Sephora, Barneys, Liberty London and Net-a-Porter's calibre on board, we think we've got the next cult beauty brand pinned.

We sat down with the creator to talk through the range's standout products.

Perfect package: a new make-up range from a seasoned pro (фото 2)

1. Grande and Petite Palettes (pictured, above), from $25 for the case, $29 for eyeshadows and $47 for blush
"This is a series of geometric shapes that fit together so you can customise your own palette. All the blushes and shadows fit together in different configurations. Then if you use something all the way to the bottom you can just pop it out and replace it - there's an element of reduce and reuse in all my packaging. These have all been created using a Japanese slurry formulation - they start as a liquid before they become a powder. It results in a beautiful, almost creamy texture."

2. Auto-graphique eyeliner, $62 and $26 for refill
"This is inspired by Japanese calligraphy brushes - it's a real brush (not a felt tip) and it's refillable. You plug the cartridge in and it uses a capillary system to feed ink into the tip. The formula is designed to work beautifully over eye shadows - unlike some felt tips that tend to pill, it allows you to build and build and create a gorgeous, rich and dense line."

3. Smoky Eye Baton (pictured, below left), $50
"My entire career, beauty editors have asked me how to do a fast and easy smoky eye. This liner pencil can be used on the lash-line and it's soft enough to use on the inner rim of the eye. Then you have a spring-loaded slurry eye shadow on the other end to blend and diffuse."

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Perfect package: a new make-up range from a seasoned pro (фото 3)

4. Expressioniste Brow Pencil, $22
"A mechanical brow pencil that's also refillable, it uses a soft powder and wax formula that allows you to just feather it into the brows and create really natural looking arches."

5. Expressioniste Brow Pomade, $37
"I was using moustache wax to groom my crazy eyebrows and thought, 'There's got to be a better way.' The water-soluble wax lifts brows and holds them into place so they're feathery and soft. So many brow gels are crunchy and glossy - this remains pliable and flexible so you can rework it throughout the day."

6. Relevée Lash Curler, $27
"My eyelash curler is made in Japan and it's quickly becoming a cult favourite. We changed it the design to be less U-shaped, so it fits the eye more comfortably. It's less severe, the arc of its line is gentler and it opens wider, too."

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Perfect package: a new make-up range from a seasoned pro (фото 4)

7. Brushes, from $66
"Made in Japan, these are shaped, tied and assembled by hand - they're truly artisanal. I wanted to create the finest tools available, so we joke that I've created the Birkin bag of brushes. They're made from all-natural goose squirrel hairs."

8. Diaphane Loose Powder, $29
"Also refillable, there's a cartridge that can be pulled out from the bottom. As a make-up artist I always use loose powder to set make-up but it doesn't carry well. So I created a loose powder people can carry in their purses."

Surratt Beauty is available in selected Mecca stores and online at

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