Supermodel Anna Ewers on fitness, fashion and wearing perfume naked

Supermodel Anna Ewers on fitness, fashion and wearing perfume naked

German beauty

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The face of Hugo Boss' new juice isn't afraid to tell it how it is, writes Anna McClelland

Spend 30 seconds in Anna Ewers' company and it hits you: this is what a cool girl looks like. And acts like. And talks like.  The statuesque 23-year-old is disarmingly matter-of-fact but funny when she wants to be, aloof but not above flashing a broad smile. This is not one of those interviews where you hear what the publicist wants you to hear - it's the one where Anna Ewers runs her own show.

Born in Freiburg, Germany, Ewers was discovered by Alexander Wang at the age of 19 - her first show was his Balenciaga A/W '12/13  - and she shares his grunge sensibilities. But just like Kate Moss, who she is frequently compared to, Ewers can transform, chameleon-like, in an instant: one minute she's all urban grit and sexily unkempt, the next she'll stop you in your tracks with her version of classic beauty. 

She of the impossibly long limbs, cool stare and tousled blonde locks was recently named the face of Boss The Scent for Her, a rich, peachy concoction synonymous with heady summer nights. In honour of the launch, Ewers talks perfume, her penchant for Pierce Brosnan (really) and American Vogue aspirations (Anna Wintour, we've found your next cover girl) below.

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Do you remember the first perfume you ever wore?
Honestly when I was in high school I didn't wear a lot of perfume but now I have a collection. I love perfume now and I wear it every day. I come from the countryside so we had a big garden, a lot of roses, so those kinds of smells and fresh cut grass reminds me of my childhood.

Do you have any fragrance secrets from working on this campaign?
I like to spritz it and then I walk into it, like a cloud effect. I actually put fragrance on right when I walk out of the shower because when you spritz and walk into it you don't want to have any clothes on.

What do you love about Boss The Scent for Her?
I love that it's very rich and intense. It's floral, it's feminine and sensual and I love that the Boss woman represents a woman that is in control. She's very independent and she's an equal to the Boss man. I think that's a very nice message.

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What was it like being on set with Theo James for the Boss The Scent for Her campaign?
It was super exciting. We were shooting on top of the World Trade Centre, really high up on the 50th or 60th floor and the view was incredible. Theo is very attractive so it didn't feel difficult to get close to him! And Darren created a very good atmosphere. For me it was such a big thing to work with Darren Aronofsky; he's one of my favourite directors.

Do you have any aspirations to go into acting?
For now I don't have any specific plans but you never know. There's always the 007 franchise, but it would depend on the Bond. Which one is the one - I like the one that is perfect - Pierce Brosnan! Classic.

What has it been like working with Jason Wu?
Jason is great. He has a very good eye for detail and he's a very talented designer. We just went to the Met Gala together and he designed my dress [pictured top], I got really lucky.

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What designers are hanging in your wardrobe?
I have a lot of different clothes because I've been modelling for like three years now and I get a lot of stuff gifted after shows. I like Alexander Wang a lot and Hugo Boss, Chanel. I like to combine different pieces and wear different brands. I'm not just sticking to one brand.

How would you describe your style?
I think it's quite comfortable and effortless and a little bit androgynous. I like to wear my boyfriend's jeans and sweaters. I've learnt a lot about fabrics [from modeling] - I know when a fabric feels nice and is great quality, most of the time.

What would you say has been the biggest pinch-me moment in your career so far?
The first time I walked in the Alexander Wang show. It was super exciting for me because he was the first big designer I'd ever met and then I did a show for Balenciaga, his first show for Balenciaga, and since then we've been working very closely. Then I shot the Prada campaign with Steven Meisel and that was very, very exciting as well.

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Is there anything you're yet to tick off that you'd love to do?
I would love to be on the cover of American Vogue. I definitely want to be on the cover of American Vogue.

What are your favourite NYC hangouts?
I like Loosie Rouge in Williamsburg, which is where I live. But there are so many amazing restaurants and I like to try new ones. I love Italian and Japanese. There are great Japanese places in New York.

What's your exercise regimen like?
I work out with a personal trainer two or three times a week and I do yoga. I also do a combination of kickboxing and strengthening. It's very hard. I only started like a month ago.

Talk us through your daily beauty routine?
I keep it very simple in my free time because I use a lot of make-up on my job, but I like a little mascara at night and that's it, just a little moisturiser. My friend Hanne [Gaby Odiele], she's a model, she told me to use coconut oil. It's a great make-up remover and moisturiser and it just smells really nice too. 

Boss The Scent for Her launches in store today.

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