Spring skin saviours: 9 ways to get glowing again

Spring skin saviours: 9 ways to get glowing again

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Text: Lucie Clark

Out with the dry and in with the dew – it’s time to put your best face forward with these game changing skincare tips from beauty guru Anna Field

One of the best things about hitting the warmer months has got to be all that extra daylight - getting up in the a.m. is just so easy with a picture perfect sunrise to greet you. But have you ever noticed how all that natural, super bright sunlight highlights exactly how much damage the dry winter weather has wrecked on your visage? Yup, gulp... where on earth did the glow go?

We took our dried-out, dulled-down skincare dilemma to the beauty expert, The Paddington Beauty Room boss and all-star facialist Anna Field, to tap her extensive know-how on turning the glow back on. With over 27 years experience in the facial field - Anna was luxe skincare brand La Prairie's National Training Manager for 10 years before opening Sydney's A-list skincare destination. Here, she lays out some seriously skin-changing advice.

1. Up the SP Factor
SPF is a must all year around, however in spring/summer you should increase your re-application. It is also a good habit to ensure you bring the sunscreen onto the décolletage and back of hands.
Try: Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+, $40,

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2. Exfoliate smarter not harder
In the heat we also get oilier so increase at-home gentle exfoliation to two-to-three times a week. However, be careful not to over exfoliate with too many active-style peels, which can inadvertently make the skin drier because when you remove dead cells you also remove the skins natural barrier and oils. If your skin starts to get too dry, up the moisturizer not the exfoliator.

3. Peel it
Speaking of peels, I'm a great believer in creating a balance in the skin, so after winter we recommend a blend of peels and hydrating treatments. At The Paddington Beauty Room we recommend a Dermalogica BioSurface Peel combined with a Ion Active treatment or a La Prairie Cellular Ice Crystal Age-Defying Treatment.

4. Beat the sweat
As we also sweat a lot in summer I highly recommend replacing any moisture lost through sweat with a good hydrating serum/booster under your favourite moisturizer.
Try: La Prairie Anti-aging Rapid Response Booster, $375,

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5. Active ingredients
We should all have one of the following ingredients Vitamin C, Retinol or AHA/BHA in our products. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant, skin brightener and increases skin firmness. Retinol is a restructurer reducing lines and wrinkles and adds fullness to the skin (re-springs the mattress). AHA/BHA are resurfacers improving texture and appearance. And make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum to protect against UVA and UVB and that it also contains anti-oxidants to protect the skin from the free radical damage created by the sun.
Try: Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift + Retinol, $147,

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6. Drink up
Drinking water allows our vital organs to function properly and if there is a lack of it, the organs steal moisture from the skin. Which is why drinking water helps with skin hydration. We also lose moisture through evaporation which is why drinking water is not enough and should be combined with a good moisturizer. In terms of diet, fresh vegetables and a mix of proteins are all great for the skin as it stimulates good cell function.

7. Three Common mistakes to correct

1. Missing your forehead because of either running out of product or trying not to put too much product due to a fringe. Start on your forehead to ensure it is covered properly, which will help minimize those forehead lines

2. Skipping out on masks. Masks are a great way to compensate for the effects of life. There is misconception that you have to lie down, but popping on a mask between commercial breaks or using a hydrating mask when you shampoo and condition your hair is an easy skincare addition.
Try: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, $52,

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3. Selecting products that don't address your needs and concerns. It is common for people to have using the same product for over ten years. Your skin lifestyle and needs are dramatically different from ten years ago so your skincare routine should be re-evaluated regularly with the help of your Beauty Therapist.

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