Shu Uemura's chief make-up artist spills his secrets for a radiant base

Shu Uemura's chief make-up artist spills his secrets for a radiant base

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Cancel the contouring and bring back your blush - that's the key message from Yuji Asano, Shu Uemura's international chief make-up artist

In Sydney to oversee the make-up direction for David Jones Spring/Summer '15 launch, Yuji Asano's technical expertise and eye for colour is clear. Although he got his big break in special effects make-up for large-scale stage and screen productions, he can appreciate the beauty of a natural face of make-up - and that's just what he created for his Sydney visit. The two looks - one fresh-faced and luminous with a peachy glow and the other slightly sultrier - place the emphasis firmly back on a glowing complexion - no heavy contouring work in sight. Instead, a healthy flush to cheeks and natural shine (a highly moisturised, glistening complexion is all the rage in Asia right now) are heralded as the summer's must-haves. We quizzed the make-up maestro on how to achieve both.

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What can you tell us about the two looks?
I focused on a very dewy finish for the texture and it's very moisturised. For the first look, cheeks and lips are tinted in a pinky peach colour. The second look is not quite as dewy but it's very glowy and radiant. The brows are really strong and there's a smoky eye.

How does the look translate off the runway?
If you want to look soft, you want to highlight the cheek. If you want to say something strongly - you want to highlight the eyebrows. For the lip and cheek, you want to use the Shu Uemura Haute Street Tinted Gelato in Graffiti Orange - it looks very bright [before you apply] but the texture is perfect, it gives you not a bright, but a luminous look.

What are your top beauty trends for summer?
What I've realised is that everyone has different taste and it's very diverse but at the same time everyone shares one thing, which is the texture of the skin. So I focused on skin texture for this show. Dewy, radiant skin makes you look healthy and that is what women want now.

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What's your top tip for achieving that kind of skin texture?
I have a technique where I use the [cheek] colour first and on top of it I apply foundation. When you look healthy, you have natural colour coming through on your cheeks. Using this technique gives you the same effect - like the colour is radiating from the inside out.

So it's goodbye contouring?
Contouring has been a trend for Caucasians but Asian women don't have such strict shapes on their face so I recommend they use make-up that makes them look healthy instead. A soft flush is more natural and that's what there will be more of in summer.

What do you think Australian women can learn from Japanese women in terms of make-up and skincare?
Asian women pay close attention to their skin. Lots of steps aren't necessarily important, I don't think, but changing your products regularly is essential because even over one month, the condition of the skin changes. It becomes oily, and then it becomes dry. That's why, depending on your skin's condition, you should change your skincare routine. And cleansing - cleansing is the most important step, I think.

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Shu Uemura's chief make-up artist spills his secrets for a radiant base (фото 2)

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