Shimmer, not shine: how to get highlighting right

Shimmer, not shine: how to get highlighting right

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A spot of shimmer is the finishing touch to your new season beauty look

Perfect summer skin doesn't stop at a golden tan; if used correctly, adding a little shimmer can instantly bring a warm, gorgeous glow to the face and body. Highlighting is all about emphasising areas of the face you want to draw attention to - most commonly the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and just under the arch of the brow. The idea is to create a subtle gleam rather than a glittery '80s flashback! I love to use gold and rose tones in summer as they give the most natural appearance and really bring the skin to life.

Whether it's a highlighter to compliment your Saturday night contouring or just a little dab of radiance on freshly cleansed skin, there are a variety of products that work to give your face an added depth and brighten even the dullest winter skin. Here, I show you a few of my favourite ways to use this make-up bag staple.  

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The easiest way to achieve a subtle sun-kissed finish is by adding a touch of powdered shimmer to your daily moisturiser for a natural illuminating base. Heavy foundations and concealers (especially matte ones) can rid the complexion of its dewiness, which is where highlighters step in to save the day. Choosing a product with a translucent or pearly sheen will ensure your final result is flawless and can be applied diagonally across the top of the cheekbones for slight definition, in the inner corners of eyes for that luxurious 'I just had eight hours sleep' look and on the cupid's bow of your mouth to give the lips a fuller finish. 

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One of the most beautiful qualities of shimmer is its versatility, taking you from day to night in just a few simple steps. All you need is a swipe of this luminous product on top of your blush to inject a bit of glamour into your look and make those cheeks pop! A multi-purpose illuminator or a frosty eyeshadow can also work wonders; just a spot of highlighter in the centre of the eyelid gives the illusion of a brighter and more open face. When applying shimmer, don't forget to keep it on areas that would usually catch the light for a natural glow.

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To complete your gorgeous summertime look, lightly dust a shimmery powder across your collarbone, cleavage and even arms and legs. Whether you're flaunting a bronzed body or opting for classic fair skin this summer, there's a highlighter to suit everyone and no reason not to work a touch of shimmer into your daily beauty regimen. You'll shine bright like a diamond in no time!

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