'The King of Parisian Hair' has Australian roots; Originally from Fremantle in Perth, the celebrity hairstylist set up shop in Paris after 20 years of looking after the hair of European royalty, Hollywood A-listers (Natalie Portman, Selena Gomez, Diane Kruger, Charlotte Gainsbourg, to name a few) and high fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Chanel and Givenchy. Having most recently opened in the revamped Paris Ritz, Mallett shares his advice on how to get red carpet-ready hair.

Meet the Aussie hairstylist behind Hollywood and high fashion’s best 'dos

How would you describe your approach to hairdressing?
My approach to hairdressing is organic: I like to interpret the person in front of me, so I adapt to my client. Its important for me that the client is happy with my work.

What hair products should every woman own?
Our Australian Salt Spray and Serum.... and our Volume Powder! And if you cant have that, then Klorane's Dry Shampoo.

How often should women really wash their hair?
Once a week but it really depends how much sports you do and how greasy it is.

What's the best hair styling tip you have?
To "under" do it: wash your hair less- allow your hair to express itself!

What's the strongest hair trend right now?
We are doing a lot of short hair with very heavy fringes - it's a little bit 60's Mary Quant and Twiggy. There's a lot of middle length bobs ; then there's soft waves, soft bend- not a curl but a bend! Still very 60's feel, a little bit Edie Sedgwick.

Meet the Aussie hairstylist behind Hollywood and high fashion’s best 'dos

Has balayage left the building? What, if anything, do you think will replace it?
Nothing replaces balayage. It's just one of the most beautiful colour techniques in the world to give a soft watercolour type highlight that's not defined. It's washed out- it's just great!

What can you tell us about your soon-to-open salon at The Ritz?
Well it is open and it's an extension of the salon here, a cute little extra room but in a luxury hotel. I'm delighted with the project.

You have worked with Karl... What's he really like?
Totally inspiring.

What's something about Karl Lagerfeld that might surprise us?
His incredible energy and genius. But then there's nothing surprising about that! (Everybody knows that)

Out of all the celebrity clients you work with, who do you get along with the best?
I adore working with Natalie Portman- She's a divine creature and a divine woman.

Meet the Aussie hairstylist behind Hollywood and high fashion’s best 'dos