O&M’s Jose Bryce Smith shares her game-changing hair colour tips

O&M’s Jose Bryce Smith shares her game-changing hair colour tips

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O&M hair founder Jose Bryce Smith spills on why we should colour our hair with natural hair dyes, how to care for coloured hair and throwing out the chemicals

Ever been to the hairdresser and emerged a few hours later with a cracking heading to go with your head full of highlights? Yup, the unfortunate non-monetary price of having our hair coloured back to its, ahem, 'natural' hue is exposure to a bunch of chemicals thanks to traditional hair dye being one giant periodic table of colour-changing chemicals.

But to be honest, if the choice is a headache and good hair versus no headache and the (mousy) hair we were born with? Headache wins every time.

However, it doesn't have to be that way. Low chemical hair colours are on the rise with Aussie-based 'clean' hair brand O&M leading the natural hair dye charge, and the best news is they actually work.

We've all been the victim of a 'natural' alternative that completely underperforms (talking to you ineffective natural deodorant), but according to O&M founder Jose Bryce Smith this is one low-chem beauty product we can actually trust.

Here, Jose reveals everything you need to know about natural hair dyes and how to care for coloured hair:

How 'natural' are natural hair dyes? 
There is no such thing as 100 per cent natural or organic in hair colour, however, O&M's colour is the world's best performing ammonia, PPD and resorcinol-free hair colour, it has no smell, fumes or scalp irritation.

What are the key benefits of a natural hair dye over a traditional dye? 
A natural hair dye is much more pleasant for the hairdresser and the client and our O&M Cor Colour is infused with coconut oil and macadamia oil which gives strength and shine to the hair. 

O&M Cor Color

Does a natural dye have the same colour performance and longevity as traditional dye? 
The technology with low chemical hair colour is so advanced now, we use a micro pigment and replace harsh chemicals with cleaner alternatives, so performance is the same if not better than traditional hair colour

Should we DYI colour our own hair or always go to a salon? 
I believe you will always get a superior result in the hands of hairdressers, they train for years to be a specialist in hair colour.

What are your top tips for maintaining coloured locks? 
Using good quality products at home such as a sulphate-free shampoo will help keep the colour without stripping it. Treatments once a week are a must and use natural products where possible. Blondes should use a blonde specialist shampoo and conditioner to keep their blonde clean and vibrant. Brunettes, reds and coppers should stay out of the sun to avoid colour fading.

Elsa Hosk blonde hair

Any final colour code advice? 
A lot of the chemicals that O&M COR color leaves out are currently being banned in Europe, O&M has been pioneering clean colour for 10 years and we are ahead of the curve, all of the testing we do is against traditional hair colour and we have the best performing ammonia-free hair colour in the world.

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