Never get split ends again: your complete summer hair guide

Never get split ends again: your complete summer hair guide

Beat the drought

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Is your hair having a dry spell? Here's how to fix it fast

Saltwater, chlorine and even the sun - not to mention all that pre-event ghd work - can wreak havoc on your hair, rendering it a frizzy, frazzled mess just when you want it to look amazing. And if you colour your hair (hello, 90 per cent of you), you're even more prone to the #firstworldproblem that is unmanageable hair.

But that's no reason to skip the beach sesh and avoid resort pools (we're all for making sacrifices for beauty, but seriously now). If anyone's going to know how to manage hair at the height of an Australian summer, it's Lauren McCowan - the Haircare Australia Creative Director for evo. Read and learn.

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What's the best way to care for your hair in summer?
"Lots of hydration is the key. You should make sure you replenish your hair after being exposed to the elements.  Everybody loves a good sea salt spray but make sure you choose one that also hydrates your hair and protects it from UV.  Evo Salty Dog is a great choice with glycerine to moisturise and stop the drying effects of the ocean and sun."

Is there a hair equivalent of sunscreen?
"A good leave-in moisturiser will help to protect hair prior to going outside during summer and will also replenish and hydrate in the months afterwards. evo's Day of Grace is a weightless leave-in conditioner with a slight hold and a UVA andUVB protectant - i.e your new best friend for summer months."

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How can you prevent split ends?
"Regular haircuts and good moisturising treatments will keep your hair as healthy as possible. But if you're one of those girls who refuses to cut her hair, then make evo's End Doctor your friend. It's a split end sealant that will give light hydration while sealing the cuticle without weighing the hair down or making it greasy. It's also an amazing product to put some separation and definition through any hair type, wet or dry."

Are some types of hair more prone to split ends than others?
"All hair naturally splits at some point, however hair that is dried out or sensitised with colour can be prone to splitting earlier. The only way to stop the hair from splitting is to have a regular trim every 6-8 weeks.  Even a centimetre off can make a massive difference."

Is there anything you should avoid to keep your hair in top condition in summer?
"Like all good things in life, everything is good in moderation.  Instead of avoiding things, just add some more treatments to keep your hair in tip top shape."

Never get split ends again: your complete summer hair guide (фото 2)

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