Need it now: all about the lust-worthy Nars x Christopher Kane collab

Need it now: all about the lust-worthy Nars x Christopher Kane collab


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Rachael Mannell talks to the UK designer about the creative process behind his limited edition Christopher Kane for NARS Collection - out now

Sharing a passion for neon with Nars and London Fashion Collaborators since 2012, NEONEUTRAL, a limited edition collection, sees a pairing like no other. Known for his bold and colour-crazy aesthetic in the fashion-sphere, this unique collection showcases bold shades we could only expect from Christopher Kane, with the empowering Nars touch.

Here, Kane reveals the creative process behind The Christopher Kane x NARS Collection, a first-ever fashion collaboration to feature a full line of eyeshadows, blushes, illuminating multiples and lipgloss.

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Need it now: all about the lust-worthy Nars x Christopher Kane collab (фото 1)

What was your creative process in developing the collection? Was it similar to creating a seasonal collection?
I wanted the collection to reflect key signatures from Christopher Kane and therefore based the colour palette on iconic artefacts brought together from past collections. The Nars collection was more retrospective - celebrating the history of the brand from past to present day - we wanted it to be a timeless representation of the brand, and not limited to a particular season.

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Neon is weaved throughout this beauty collection, why was it important for you to include this style element in the collection?
Neon is a huge part of the Christopher Kane identity, so much so that it has become a neutral. In order to truly express the nature of the brand, there was no question that it had to be an integral part of this beauty collection.

How have you utilised neon in the collection?
I've worked neon into the collection in such a way that it complements the face, while still communicating the bold neon impact. It was very important that we make the products wearable, for example the lip glosses in neon shades - you can see they are brightly colored in their glass bottles, then once on the lips they have a high translucent shine with a subtle neon stain. I wanted a harmonious balance between the bold and beauty.

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Need it now: all about the lust-worthy Nars x Christopher Kane collab (фото 2)

Do you have a favourite product and colour?
The Violet Atom Illuminating Multiple, because I love the Nars Multiple as a product for its versatility, and the Violet Atom has an unusual ethereal/celestial beauty, it is very unique.

You used the Violet Atom Multiple in your spring/summer 2015 runway show, why did you decide to use that product?
I really liked the luminous and almost transparent quality of the Violet Atom Multiple - when the light hits the face it really glows and feels very fresh and modern.

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Do you have a go-to inspiration source, something that inspires you again and again? 
I've always worked on instinct and with what surrounds me on a daily basis. I have never searched for inspiration, as I don't feel this works, I like for inspiration to find me - it's a very natural and personal thing. 

Need it now: all about the lust-worthy Nars x Christopher Kane collab (фото 3)

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How has the Christopher Kane brand evolved over the past few years? 
The brand has grown so much over the last years, most significantly since we partnered with Kering. There is still a lot of work to be done but we're working hard to achieve these goals and are certainly on the right path and with the right partners. Kering has been such an enormous support to us, especially with the opening of our first-ever store in London (in March) -  it was such an exciting and huge step for both the brand and me personally.

How has your upbringing contributed to your artistic creativity?
I love that I can call on certain characters from my childhood as a source of inspiration, but most importantly, it's the strong work ethic which was instilled in me by my family from a very young age that I'm grateful for. I was raised knowing that in order to succeed you have to work hard and fight for what you want and believe in.

Need it now: all about the lust-worthy Nars x Christopher Kane collab (фото 4)

The Christopher Kane x NARS collection is available exclusively at Mecca stores and and online.

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