Meet the US skincare brand beauty insiders swear by

Meet the US skincare brand beauty insiders swear by

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Best-selling US brand Fresh has a cleanser people buy six at a time, we met with Fresh founders, husband and wife Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg to find out why

Anyone with even a passing interest in beauty has heard of the legendary Soy Face Cleanser from US-based brand Fresh. It's so popular in fact, that co-founder Lev Glazman says, "people buy six at a time... so they never, ever run out." Talk about a cult skincare product.

On a recent visit to Sydney to launch Fresh into Sephora stores in Australia, Buro 24/7 sat down with the husband and wife team behind the brand, Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, to talk skincare, the importance of a good cleanser and how the Kardashian's are messing with natural beauty.

You launched the brand in 1991 with handmade soaps, fast forward to 2018 and the brand has evolved to include top-to-toe skincare, how did that come about?

Lev: "When we started thinking about Fresh, we felt there was a huge void out there in the market. Not only a product that works on your skin, but also your experience in applying it... they've got to make you feel good. I think that's extremely important for us and it just didn't exist." 

Lev adds, "We were the pioneers in terms of introducing natural ingredients, introducing the conversation about natural ingredients. Taking people on a sensorial journey through different ingredients."

What's the story with your best-selling Soy Face Cleanser?

Lev: "We felt like, if we create one product, the number one product within your beauty regimen, it should be a cleanser because great skin starts with clean skin. That's what we believe. If you start with a cleanser that is bad, it's very difficult to repair it, no matter what cream you use. It always starts with the cleanser."

"It's the gentlest cleanser out there. It's universal, it's a multi-tasker. It doesn't have soap. It doesn't strip your skin of all the essential nutrients. And... it doesn't matter if your skin is oily, or dry, or combination, or sensitive."

"People walk into the store and buy six at a time. The husband uses it, the daughter uses, the customer uses it... and then they want to take it if they have another home, they want to make sure it's there. They want to make sure that no matter where they go, they can never ever, ever run out."

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Aside from the Soy Face Cleanser, what other products are cult favourites?

Alina: "A big aspect of Fresh is creating this whole mask world, like our Rose Face Mask... the petals literally melt on your face and you feel so toned and hydrated. The Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask was one of the first black tea masks and the Sugar Face Polish is an incredible unsung hero which brings antioxidants. It's one of those really, really nourishing masks."

What's the future of skincare?

Alina: "We have the Vitamin Nectar Face Mask which launched last year and that's sort of a whole new conversation about vitamins and nutrition ... sort of skin nutrition."

Lev: "It's... all about addressing the health of your skin. It's almost like a supplement for your skin. The same way you take a vitamin internally, you apply it externally. And we're launching something in June here [it's already launched in the US and Asia], it's Kombucha Essence. Kombucha is already in our black tea range and it's been a very, very successful line for us. We wanted to take kombucha and increase the concentration of it. Because the claims are incredible."

With so many products how to choose the right product for your skin?

Lev: "Use whatever your skin is craving today... The range is designed the same way as you'd feed your body, whatever it is you feel your body needs, whatever you're craving, you have to approach skin exactly in the same way."

Final words?

Alina: "There is a lot of natural beauty here. And the Kardashians are fighting it."

Fresh is available from Sephora stores and online:

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