Light years: the next-gen facial giving serious glow

Light years: the next-gen facial giving serious glow

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Got a big event coming up? This is the easiest way to score a #wokeuplikethis glow on

Indulged in a little too much sun, swimming and frosé over the summer break? (We're totally guilty). While we don't condemn letting your hair down over summer, we can say this: sometimes overindulgence leaves your face looking less Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and little more Lindsay Lohan after a few too many. Suffice to say, when to comes to wedding/engagement party/hens season you can be forgiven for needing a little more than just a dusting of bronzer and highlighter to hide your sins...

This is where Omnilux light therapy facials step in. Light-powered facials like Endota Spa's NEW AGE light therapy treatment are designed to boost hydration and switch on collagen and elastin. Coupled with the lightfusion LED light, the treatment works to target the deeper layer of the skin (or in fancy terms, the dermis), to target concerns such as dehydration, fine lines and pigmentation. Oh, and did we mention it imparts a major glow?

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"It basically targets the cells and recharges the battery, turning on the collagen, turning on the elastin, and increasing hydration levels in the skin," says Endota Spa educator Tamara Shaw. "Once you leave the treatment room the effects start happening straight away. And then at night, your skin goes to work while you're sleeping, so you get the best results 3-5 days afterwards."

The delayed effect is why therapists recommend you time your treatment three days before any big event. The treatment's effects will effectively peak after 72 hours. While one treatment will give you a Victoria's Secret model glow, for even better results Tamara recommends a series of six treatments. Why? "It's almost like giving your skin a PT session - if you go to the gym once you're not going to get a skinny bum, are you?" To get the best results, you want to interject this light therapy into the skin during its 28 days cycle. And over a six month period, the benefits are massive.

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So who does the treatment benefit? While anyone in their twenties will see a lift in radiance and hydration from one treatment, the facial is designed primarily for over thirties. "After you turn 30, you lose 1% of collagen elastin every single year, so essentially once you start losing that collagen elastin that's when you want to start replenishing it," says Tamara.

Thankfully, with absolutely no down time, no redness and virtually no next-day breakout (it stimulates the skin on the first day but by the second day it should die down), this is one kind of mini skin detox anyone can safely sign up for.

Omnilux light therapy is available at salons across Australia. For a NEW AGE Light Therapy Treatment, visit Endota Spa, 

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