Lara Worthington chats family life, babies and beauty

Lara Worthington chats family life, babies and beauty

Being Lara

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“My family brings me so much happiness that nothing else really matters"

After a decade in the industry - people think they "get" Lara Bingle (now Worthington). But as it turns out - we've got her all wrong. I met up with Lara when she was in Sydney recently; and I was blown away by her genuine kindness, sincere passion and total down-to-earth nature. 

She exudes happiness and has this warm-hearted demeanour that is often hidden from the public eye. Lara is now married to one of the biggest movie stars of today, but there isn't a speckle of "Hollywood" in her. In fact, the moment she spoke of her husband Sam Worthington or her two children, Rocket and Racer - her sparkly blue eyes immediately lit up.

It's been a busy year for Worthington, but somehow the girl boss, mum, wife, and entrepreneur has made it all work. She's continuing to grow her successful self-named beauty line, The Base by Lara Bingle and has also given birth to her second son - adding to what she calls "her little wolf pack." I caught up on everything that's happening in the life of Lara Worthington, here's how it all went down: 

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Welcome home! What brings you back to Sydney?
I'm here for The Base, I was actually shooting a new campaign for it yesterday. I started this competition on social media called 'face of the base,' and over 300 girls applied and I picked the top 5. The concept behind it was all about showing different types of skin tones that were wearing The Base and showing the customer how it works on different shades. And I really wanted to use non-models - I've been in this industry for so long and I know real girls because I relate to them so much more.

You've just welcomed your second baby, how has motherhood changed your beauty and health routine?
I just have no time to myself! The last thing I think about is my beauty routine or my fitness routine to be honest. I really just use products that are completely multipurpose and I can use 5 different ways. Heath/fitness wise, working out has become more of an outlet that I do to enjoy and I need - even if it's just an hour a day. Whether it's just a quick yoga class or something, it's good for me to have some "me" time.

Besides yoga, what else do you like to do for fitness?
I feel like yoga does nothing for fitness [laughs], it's just stretching. But at home I do this thing called Ballet Beautiful - it really works your body in a different way compared to the gym. So I just balance the gym and Ballet Beautiful. It's so good cause I can access the online library which has an array of different ballet sequences that I can do at home when the boys are sleeping.

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Did you find the second pregnancy to be different?
So different! I was lucky that I had two great pregnancies and two healthy babies but pregnancy isn't the hard part - it's taking them home! You've got the biggest responsibility of your life and that's all that matters to me. The first pregnancy is different because it's something you've never done before, and there's that what if, or the unknown, so I tried not to read anything because I didn't want to know too much. I just wanted to take my own journey and experience it for myself.

The base by Lara Bingle is going so well, what's next for the brand? 
It's still growing slowly; I'm not in a rush to make it this astronomical massive worldwide brand just yet. I've started slow and steady, and especially with two boys under two - I've got my hands really full. Sephora has been really supportive in that aspect and I'm going into a big retailer here [Australia] that will be around 38 stores; so I kind of want to stop there in Australia and then grow it in America. On the products side of things - which is my favourite part - I do all the product development and really just make products I like. I get most of my feedback from online and it will determine what products I'm going to do next. I'm about to  realise brow gels in a few months and I will probably go into powders or something, but I really just like focusing on stuff that embraces what you naturally already have.  

What would you say is your number one pick out of all the products?
It would be a tie between the LB Cream and the Bronzer Base.

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Apart from those two products, what else do you have lying around in your beauty bag?
I love the Dior lip scrub - they've really nailed that pigment lip. I just got Dior's Pump and Volume mascara, the wand is enormous! I also love the Nars creamy concealer, and The Glossier lip balm. If I want more of a foundation look, I use the Nars creamy foundation - it's great for coverage, especially now that I have a little bit of pigmentation from having children.

You're a mother of two boys under two, a devoted wife to actor Sam Worthington, and you're also running your own business - how do you juggle it all?! 
It's definitely a juggle when you say it like that! You know, my husband is amazing. He is a fantastic father, fantastic husband and we're just a really good team. We've grown together and grown as a family and I think that's the most important thing. We travel everywhere together and we never have more than two weeks apart from each other - and that really works for us. He's just so good with the kids, he does the night feeds and everything- he is seriously superhuman! And Sam will work a 17- hour days seriously do not compare to his at all.  He also inspires me to be that kind of business woman / mum.  He's always like, 'you can do whatever you want Lara' and I guess when you get that support at home, you get that inspiration. It really is all about what comes from the inside out, and if you're happy with your surroundings - you can do it all!  

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Where are you the family based now?
We have a place in New York, but we're never there.

Do you ever miss the Aussie lifestyle?
I've always travelled as a young girl and I've never really had a true base. I mean, [Sam and I] have places all around the world, but we're always travelling and moving around. And I think it will be like this forever! We are the type of people who enjoy the world and enjoy moving about and get inspired in life that way. And I think it's nice for the boys to have that same outlook in life.

What do you say is your best tip for travelling?
I'm pretty plain on the skincare; I believe that less is more with that type of stuff. The one thing I do is always take my makeup off before bed or before a flight.

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What about your best tip for beauty?
I truly believe what's happening in the inside shines out. I love saunas, bath houses and I exfoliate like crazy and I feel all of that makes your feel so good - so you look good. I've never really been a moisturiser hound, I do use it, but it will changes all the time. I don't use eye creams or anything either - I mean, I'm sure I will! I should... I'm 30 this year.

You're always looking so radiant! Tell us your secret?! 
There's no secret! Happiness? Happiness is probably true. My family brings me so much happiness that nothing else really matters - that's just my focus and secret I guess.

Will there be any more babies any time soon?
I think because I've done two back to back I need a rest, it's full on and fun but it's definitely challenging. You have those days where you're like "OMG". But I feel like that why I'm here, to lead that legacy. I think for now I'm just really enjoying my little family. 

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