Kevin Murphy on why co-washing is the secret to silky hair

Kevin Murphy on why co-washing is the secret to silky hair

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Celeb hair stylist Kevin Murphy shares his expert know-how on ‘co-washing’ the game-changing hair washing trend for gals with dry locks

If genies were real then surely one of our three wishes would be for shiny, silky, easy-to-manage hair? Because having 'good hair' is the holy grail of beauty - it's well-known to boost your mood and confidence but without an on-tap hair stylist to blow it out professionally every morning, a messy bun or frizzed-out ponytail is about as 'good' as it's going to get. However, like everything else in our fast-paced lives the hair industry is constantly upgrading and evolving, looking for new frontiers, easier ways to get good hair and the newest trend in town is 'co-washing'.

You may have heard the term bandied about and dismissed it as a questionable bathing situation dreamed up by a lusty gent hoping to gain entry to the ladies locker room - but apparently it's a game-changing hair washing trend for girls who suffer from dry, coarse and/or frizzy hair. 

Which naturally we wanted all the information on, so we asked celebrity hair stylist Kevin Murphy, founder of cult hair styling brand Kevin.Murphy to share his expert knowledge of the trend and how we can get some 'good hair' days back into our lives. 

What is co-washing? 
Co-washing is short for 'conditioner washing' meaning that hair is washed with a cleansing conditioner. Kevin.Murphy RE-STORE is a treatment with properties that cleanse the scalp, like a gentle shampoo, however it treats the hair at the same time via lipid proteins and an intense dose of hydration that is easily absorbed into the hair. 

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What are the benefits to the hair of co-washing? 
By starting off with a conditioner first, this adds more slip and weight to your hair, a dose of hydration that's easily absorbed into the hair and keeps hair nourished without weighing it down.

What hair type/s does it suit? 
This suits hair types that are quite dry, struggle to hold onto moisture or coarse and curly hair.

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Should we incorporate it into our regular hair washing routine? 
Co-washing every third or fourth wash will be perfect to ensure your hair maintains a healthy level of moisture and hydration.

What would you recommend as the optimal washing routine for shiny hair?  
The optimal washing routine for clean and shiny hair would be to cleanse hair with a treatment such as RE-STORE every third or fourth shampoo to really purify the scalp. And in between co-washing use the Kevin.Murphy MAXI.WASH first to remove product build up then a conditioner (like RE-STORE) to add nutrients, proteins and moisturize the hair.

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