Kendall and Kylie's hairdresser spills their biggest styling secrets

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He's tended to the tresses of Laura Prepon, Vera Wang and Demi Moore - but his biggest clients by far are the Jenner sisters. Here's how to have what they're having

Taking a break from his A-lister clientele to soak up some Sydney sunshine, celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Colombini is talking Kylie Jenner. "She's young and gorgeous and can really pull anything off," he says. "She's definitely one of my more adventurous clients."

So, just what will we see on Kylie next? Colombini is putting his money on big hair being the next big thing. "More wigs and more extensions!" he says. "And nothing too glam or tight - a simple blow-out or some loose waves." He cites the double braid and the ubiquitous topknot as key - and easy - looks for the coming months, along with air-dried, undone texture. "A typical hairstyle that's done or polished is now getting the middle finger, and the undone, 'I did it myself' look is very in," he shares. "But let's not forget we still need a stylist to get there!"

Kendall and Kylie's hairdresser spills their biggest styling secrets (фото 1)

But as us mere mortals can't have Colombini on speed dial, he gave us some tips to DIY.  For products, he swears by cult-fave Sachajuan, available in Australia through Sephora. "The Volume Cream, Volume Powder and hair paste are my essentials," he says. His other top tip? "All my looks on celebrities, whether red carpet or just a papparazzi shot, is always 100 per cent based on what they're wearing," he says. You heard the man - outfit first; hairstyle second.

But what we really want to know is, has he witnessed any Jenner tantrums in the chair? Apparently not. "I work as a team with my clients, so as long as we communicate and collaborate together, it's all good," he maintains. "All my clients have different styles and requests, so I think being flexible and knowing one's boundaries is important." Can we read between the lines and take that as a yes?

Kendall and Kylie's hairdresser spills their biggest styling secrets (фото 2)

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