Kendall and Kylie's hair stylist reveals their hair secrets

Kendall and Kylie's hair stylist reveals their hair secrets

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work for the most photographed girls in the world, here’s a snapshot:

Moments before Kendall Jenner walks out to join her famous family at brother-in-law Kanye West's fashion show, her sister Kim calls to explain which Yeezy clothing she'll be wearing to watch the show: a turtleneck sweater dress. Standing next to her in the lift is celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Colombini who's just styled her brunette strands in a classic, messy-wave look - but he instantly knows that it's not going to go with the outfit.

In a matter of seconds - the time it takes the lift to span a few floors - Jonathan flicks Kendall's hair over, tying it in a casual topknot just before they reach the lobby. That spur-of-the-moment decision ended up being one of the most celebrated hairdos of the night, and seen all around the world in a matter of hours. But hey, all in a day's work, right?

Jonathan Colombini was in Sydney recently and I caught up with him to chat all things hair. Here's how it went down:

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How did you start working with the Kardashians?  
I met Kylie first through a girlfriend of mine, Sasha Samsonova, who does all of Kylie's photography. She was doing this desert shoot one time, (the one where she's wearing a crown) and I did her hair. That was really the first time we met and it just kind of blossomed since then. I met Kendall Jenner at fashion week in New York last year, (That lightning-fast lift session was their first meeting) and I think it was after that split moment we were like okay, this relationship is going to work.

What is it like working for them?
They are absolutely lovely girls and they are very intuitive to what works for them. And their styles are so completely different. They're my girls!

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How do you come up with your looks for Kendall?
It's a team effort! I always ask what will they will be wearing. For instance, we do so many green screens for Keeping Up With the Kardashians and during the interviews they'll come in dressed, so that's kind of what I go off. Kendall will constantly say, 'I don't wear hair like my sisters, I don't wear make-up like my sisters,' etc. and has this awesome, rocker-chic kind of vibe. So she might come in and be like, 'I like that topknot the other day', or 'I really like waves'. It's definitely a team input.

And what about Kylie?
Kylie loves the shock factor! She plays with fashion so much and she always just works it. She has a comfort zone that she likes to stay in as far as hair and makeup, but it's the contrast between the hair, makeup, and clothing that plays so well and that's what gives it the shock factor! I loved when she was platinum blonde and then she went rose gold and it was really long...I think that was the first time she started playing with her real hair colour, too. But her hair is so dark that she had to touch it up every 2 to 3 weeks, which is a lot and damaging on the hair.

Speaking of hair damage, how does Kendall always have such shiny hair! What's her secret?
She has really good hair! All the girls have really good hair. But Kendall doesn't colour her hair so she has that working for her. She also takes really good care of her hair and as a model you kind of have to. I would suggest investing in a weekly hair mask and trying to not shampoo as much; the longer you go without it, the better! 

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What's something people don't realise about working on their 'glam squad'?
That there's, like, a whole team of us! There's never one hairdresser they use. It's always whoever is available and wherever they are in the country. They also pull strengths from other people; like, 'This is the look I want to do so Jonathan would be good for that', or 'This person would be good for that', etc.

Have you noticed any major difference between the way Sydney and L.A. girls do their hair?
It's actually really parallel. It's that same beachy, done-undone, tousled, bigger-is-better hair. I find also in both cities you're not seeing many glossy finishes in the hair unless it's an up-do or a topknot; it's more that matte, messy texture. 

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What are your favourite hair products to use?
Oribe and R+Co are pretty on par. I also just started working with a company called AG Hair and they have a really fantastic product called Tousled Texture. I was actually doing a shoot with Kendall not that long ago for a watch brand and towards the end of the shoot the hair was almost done, so I used this Tousled Texture. It was actually the first time I picked it up and I sprayed it and her hair all of a sudden came back to life! 

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