Isabel Lucas chat’s LA life, beauty must-haves and humanitarian work

Isabel Lucas chat’s LA life, beauty must-haves and humanitarian work

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The Australian actress is back on home turf to chat all things beauty - the natural way

We all fell in love with Isabel Lucas when she made her acting debut on Aussie TV series Home & Away, and have since watched the ethereal beauty take the world by storm. When she's not busy featuring in blockbuster hits in Hollywood (I.e. Transformers), she's a proud environmentalist and is continuously involved with humanitarian charities. Which is why it makes total sense that she's the new face of environmentally-friendly beauty label, Sante By Enjo; a completely natural, chemical-free collection of skincare. We spoke to Isabel when she was in Sydney recently, here's what she had to say:

Welcome back to Aus! Tell us a little bit about what you've been up to lately? 
I'm enjoying being home in Australia and spending time with my family and friends. I'm loving collaborating with Sante by ENJO and learning about how kind they are with their footprint on the planet! I've also partnered with an awesome Australian organisation called Australia for Dolphins, who are working to release captive dolphins back to the wild. And I'm also an ambassador for the upcoming Human Rights and Arts Film Festival. 

What do you miss about home? 
I miss my family and friends! But also all the good things: the ocean, the coffee, the healthy nature, the laid back Aussie friendliness.

What attracted you to Sante by Enjo?
The brand has great integrity and their products work beautifully. I like their environmentally conscious approach to life through skin care. It's a brilliant to think that we just wipe this fine fibre on the skin and it removes all our make-up only using water. The technology is revolutionary, completely effective and so simple.

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What's your approach to beauty?
I wear make-up for work, auditions, events and on set. But for everyday life; I tend to wear just moisturiser, sunscreen and some blush. I find if a woman is free of make-up but is has good positive thoughts about herself (and others), she would be the most attractive women in the room. To me, true beauty is self-respect and generosity.

What's an average day for Isabel?  
It will vary, but always starts with a hot green tea. Sometimes I'll drop into a yoga class in the morning, and I always aim to fit in an email session as well. Usually I read a script or study up on an organisation I'm working with or a character I'm prepping for. I spend a lot of time learning lines for auditions, and I also do a lot of acting classes.

Do you have any secret training tips you've picked up that you can share with us? 
Listen to fun music that gets your energy flowing and gets your jig on!

The best makeup advice you've ever received?
I haven't received much make-up advice to be honest, but I like it when make-up artists support environmentally (or even vegan) products. 

What's in your make-up bag right now?
Sante by ENJO's make up removers, Vanessa Megan hand crème,  Le Paar lip balm, Green Foot Mamma sunscreen (for harsher sun days), Wild Botanicals sweet orange and avocado body butter, and a lip liner and pencil. 

But if you had to choose...what's your one cant-live-without product? 
Sante by ENJO's make-up removers - I take them everywhere! I use the little disks on my face in the morning after splashing my face with lavender water.   

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Who's your favourite muse? 
Audrey Hepburn. She's so elegant and seemed like such a sweetheart! I just love her to bits. 

What are you reading at the moment? 
Letting Go by Joseph Cambell...he's amazing. Oh, and Michael Leunig poems.

What was the last place you've visited? And what's next? 
Last place was Bolder, Colorado and I'm going to India in a few days...I love it there!

How are your finding living in LA? 
Living in LA can be fun! But in a weird way I enjoy it mostly when I don't spend too much time there. I find it important to dip home and feel my roots are still very much strong here [Australia]. 

So what's next for Isabel?
Well this India trip! But work-wise, I am filming an Australian film in Sydney in April and have a pending film job in the Caribbean right after (fingers crossed!). I've also signed up for a doula training course with a girlfriend. I'm always been interested to learn more about this world..

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