How to find the right foundation

How to find the right foundation

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Are there any beauty counter situations more stressful than choosing a new foundation? Nadine Monley makes it better

This spring sees us flaunting the most beautiful accessory of all - natural, perfect-looking skin. Even if you have stubborn under-eye bags or troublesome spots, a good foundation can provide flawless coverage for that air-brushed effect we all crave. But choosing the wrong foundation is one beauty faux pas that's far too common: until now. Follow these tips and finding your perfect match will be easier than ever.

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Tip 1: know your undertones
The first step is to understand your colouring - and it's not as easy as fair, medium or dark! For the most part, all complexions can be categorised as having either blue or green undertones. This will help identify which colour gives the most flawless appearance on your face and avoid any dullness. Beauties with lighter skin who burn easily in the sun are most likely cool toned, where as those with olive or darker skin that may be a little yellow and tan easily are usually warm toned. If you're finding this difficult, try looking at the underside of your wrist to see whether your veins cast a blue or green hue, or simply step into the sunlight and ask someone to judge for you.

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Tip 2: assess your skin type
Next, it's all about what kind of product will suit your skin type the best. Do you struggle with oiliness? Try a pressed powder or mineral foundation; these are generally a light-to-medium finish and absorb excess oil. If you tend to be more on the dry side, then try a medium-to-full coverage cream foundation to give you a dewy finish. For the lucky ladies with no real skin concern, or a combination of both oily and dry, liquid foundation is the way to go. Liquid foundations come in both dewy and matte finishes, even out pigmentation and generally work across all skin types, including mature skin.

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Tip 3: test properly
After selecting a few shades closest to your complexion, apply a stripe of each running down your lower cheek and jawline. Gently rub in each stripe and within a few seconds you should notice one mimicking the skin more than the others. If the product disappears and melts into your true skin colour, leaving a natural texture, then you've found the one! It's always best to walk out into natural light to see if you have the right tone so you avoid buying a shade that only suits department store lighting. For the most accurate results, always test make-up  on a freshly cleansed face. 

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Tip 4: application
Now it's time to apply your gorgeous new foundation! I prefer to use sparingly, first applying a colour-correcting concealer to target areas of redness and dullness and leaving the foundation jsut for evening out pigmentation for an overall flawless look. Use your fingers to warm the liquid a little and then start dabbing it on problem areas such as underneath the eyes, cheeks and around the chin. I've found the easiest way to blend foundation and avoid streaky lines is with a make-up sponge, particularly the Beauty Department Precision Sponge. This tool makes working the product into the skin quick and effortless: try gently pressing and rolling the sponge for an even finish. 

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