FYI: you’ve been washing your hair wrong this whole time

FYI: you’ve been washing your hair wrong this whole time

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This 5-step hair washing method will change your hair for the better

Just like the skin on your face, the hair on your head can be dry or oily - right? Wrong! The growth of hair is much more complex. Hair can be dry through the length and ends, but oily at the roots. And while the roots of your hair can be oily, the foundation of the scalp can remain dry. It is virtually impossible for two products - shampoo and conditioner - to tackle all of these concerns in the ten minutes it takes to wash your hair. We cleanse, tone and moisturise our skin. Then there are serums, facemasks and oils; sheet masks, sunscreens and exfoliants. All of these products are tailored to a regime to suit our skin concerns, and the same should be applied to the way we treat our hair. Which is where Phyto comes in; a unique botanical haircare brand with an ethos centred on developing natural, high end products to for every hair type.   

The brand is a cult favourite among hair-envied celebrities including Olivia Palermo and Adriana Lima, and part of their success comes in Phyto's 5-step hair washing method that is personally tailored to each consumer and prescribed upon consultation. Samantha Ledlin chatted to Myriam Welsh, Regional & Brand Marketing Director of Phyto at the brand's Australian launch last week to find out how we can rectify our hair washing sins.

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"Firstly we analyse your hair and scalp and come up with a personal prescription through the five steps," explained Welsh. "We analyse the condition of your scalp, [it] can be permanent or temporary, because it's like your skin, you [can] react to everything." Following the consultation comes a tailored hair washing method with perscribed products for each customer. 


"We have the pre-shampoo," Welsh explained. This is where you detox and balance the hair and scalp. "PHYTOPOLLÉINE is a universal product that we have that can be used on any condition or disorder, and any scalp or hair type." The product is massaged onto the scalp prior to washing hair.

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"Then you have the shampoo which will treat the scalp," says Welsh. The Phyto range carries shampoo for every hair type from dandruff prone, to colour damaged, and within these categories come sub categories targeting oily and dry hair and scalp types. "For example, you can have dandruff but do you have dandruff with the oily scalp, or do you have dandruff with a dry scalp? It's not the same, and you don't treat them the same. So we have this tailor-made prescription regarding your exact condition."


"And then you move onto conditioning care," which consists of conditioners and masks that are again tailored to your hair type. "You can have dry or ultra-dry hair, you can have damaged or ultra-damaged hair," Welsh explains. "If you have dry hair the cuticle is a bit weighed. If your hair is extremely dry, it's way more weighed." Each hair type is targeted with a specific mask or conditioner depending on the concern.


"We then have the leave-in care." Which is seen as a daily moisturiser for your hair. "PHYTO 7 is a combination of seven plants, then we have PHYTO 9 where we added two more plants including the macadamia, which is richer, so it's more nourishing. This one is a little bit [heavier], and can be used if you have really, really dry [or frizzy] hair."

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"Then the last one, of course, is styling." For Phyto, the focus of all styling is the botanical and natural ingredients used in all products from mousses to gels and waxes. "The motto of the brand is 'do not harm' and this is really important for us."

The Phyto haircare range is available in selected David Jones and will soon be available at

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