Expert eyeliner: the new make-up artist trick to get the perfect line

Expert eyeliner: the new make-up artist trick to get the perfect line

Double trouble

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It's the technique that makes winged lines, bold lines and tightlining a breeze

Hands up who struggles to get the perfect line every time? That's everyone then. Whether you have pencil, liquid or gel in your kit, eyeliner is the one element in our collective make-up routine that trips us up the most. Until (we hope) now: enter double lining, the backstage beauty secret that make-up artists are using to achieve eat-your-heart-out eyes, every time.

What's the deal? Double lining involves applying both powder and gel to give added definition and depth to your eyeliner's look. Achieving an intensity that plain old pencil simply can't, double lining accentuates your top lash line and opens up the eyes to dramatic effect.

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Expert eyeliner: the new make-up artist trick to get the perfect line (фото 1)

Bobbi Brown is pioneering the trend with their new Double Lining collection, launched this week. Consisting of a new Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush (use it to apply both powder and gel), new limited edition Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner colours and a limited edition multi-purpose eye shadow formula, it's got everything you need to dip into the trend.

We quizzed Bobbi Brown Senior Artist Alphie Sadsad for her tips on how to get it right:  

1. What is the Double Lining technique?

Simply layer two different liners-a powder and a gel-to get density, depth and definition all in one. Begin by lining the top lash line with Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner using the new Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush. Next, use the Smokey Eye Liner Brush to sweep Eye Shadow in a similar color as the Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner along the top half of your gel liner application. The result is a diffused liner look that is darkest at the lash line and softens as you go up the eyelid. No matter the layer - neatly smudged or neatly lined - and no matter the formula - powder or gel - layering liners makes eyes stand out.

2. What's the benefit of double lining?

During Fashion Week, I was inspired by my artists who have perfected the Double Lining technique. This technique can look daunting but it's easy to achieve with the right knowledge and products. I wanted to create a collection that makes it effortless for women to master this technique that really makes eyes stand out.  Plus, it's also a great way to perfect your Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner application. It can help smooth out any skips or bumps in your liner.

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Expert eyeliner: the new make-up artist trick to get the perfect line (фото 2)


Do you have any special application tips to help achieve this double lining technique?

When double lining with Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner and Eye Shadow, line eyes one at a time. You want to make sure that the gel liner is still slightly "wet" so that it smudges when you layer the shadow over it.

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