Why you shouldn’t be afraid of eyebrow tattooing

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Why eyebrow tattooing will take #browgoals to the next level 

If you weren't blessed with Cara Delivingne arches, or can thank the '90's for your over-plucked brows, then consider this: tattooing your eyebrows. It's sort of the next step after endless appointments of tinting, waxing etc. and when you're seeking a more long-term, permanent, on-fleek result. But for some (myself included), the idea of having your brows literally tattooed on your face seems extremely daunting - unnatural - and simply way too much pain for my weak little threshold.

So I decided to get the inside scoop from Amy Jean of Amy Jean Couture, who's dubbed as the "arch angel" amongst her celebrity clientele (Dannii Minogue and Noami Campbell are just some of her regulars), and considered one of the most elite in her field. And boy, did I have it all wrong...Click through the gallery to find out everything you need to know, and thank me later for your fabulous new set of brows: 

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of eyebrow tattooing (фото 1)

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