Elyse Taylor on natural beauty, workouts and being anti-yoga

Elyse Taylor on natural beauty, workouts and being anti-yoga

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Australian model and face of Nude by Nature cosmetics Elyse Taylor got candid with Yeong Sassall in this refreshingly honest and entertaining interview

"I treat my body as my business," says model Elyse Taylor as she explains why she's strict with her diet (the blood type one, FYI), beauty and fitness regime. "[Modelling] is very competitive," she says by way of explanation, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out why, at age 30, this former Victoria's Secret model is still as glowy and beautiful as ever. Clearly, being in the industry for so long has taught her a thing or two about self-preservation and longevity, although it must be said, she remains as down to earth as ever, even admitting cheerfully that "squats suck" (they sure do).

Elyse was in Sydney recently to launch Nude by Nature's new Flawless Collection and Yeong Sassall caught up with the New York-based model and mother-of-one to chat all things beauty, health and nutrition.

What's the best beauty tip you've ever received?
I'm always encouraging people to enhance their own beauty and not to cover up. I feel like a lot of young women these days just put this mask on. The thing I love with Nude by Nature is, they're constantly enforcing [you to] enhance your own beauty and just bring out your own natural features. I also love the fact that the brand is 100 percent cruelty free.

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What are your five can't-live-without beauty products?
As one of the perks of being the face of the brand, I got Nude by Nature Flawless Concealer a couple of months ago. It's amazing - really long lasting and it comes in this easy- to-use stick. It has this creamy texture that becomes almost like a second skin. It's just great, when I'm getting off a plane, I just wipe it on to look a little bit fresh. I'm also obsessed with the Nude by Nature highlighter stick. It comes in champagne and rose, and I like switching them out. I like pink on my cheeks, pink on my lips. It's multipurpose - you can use them for whatever.

For my hair, I'm blond and it gets trashed, so I use Olaplex. It's like this crazy mask, but it just works. I also use Living Proof, which is a kind of mask you put in when you blow dry your hair, and for some reason it just bonds your split ends. It's actually fantastic. And then I use the Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum. I feel like it just re-hydrates my skin. It comes in this little rolly pen, so it's perfect for just freshening up, all over.

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Have you ever done anything radical in the name of beauty?
Yeah, of course! We're girls. We always do. I guess the most crazy... I did one of those vampire facial things. I was curious about it.

Did it work?
No! But apparently you're supposed to do it back to [back] ... it was like a whole thing, and I was like, this is so silly, and ridiculous. Nonsense.

What's your favourite beauty treatment?
I like massages. Because a lot of the things I have to do are for work. Facials aren't really relaxing because it's for my job, getting my hair done is for my job. So if I can get a massage, it's something for myself.

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What would be an average day for you in terms of what you eat?
I mean, it completely changes, depending on where I am; if I'm on a plane, if I'm in Sydney, if I'm in New York, or if I'm god knows where else. But mostly I follow the blood type diet. I'll have breakfast and then I just have a light lunch, like a salad, protein, things like that. My body is my work, you know? So there's more of a focus on that for me than it would be for another woman with a regular job, or just a job that wasn't focused on her appearance. I treat my body as a business. And it's very competitive, so ...

Is there anything you don't eat as part of your blood type diet?
I'm not supposed to eat dairy, and I'm not supposed to eat pasta and pizza. I think things come in balance, and one day a week I'll allow my daughter and I to have a nice, humongous pizza.

What do you do to work out? What would you do on an average week?
It depends where I am. But usually if I'm in a big city then I'll just use the gym. I run for 40 minutes and then I'll do... I think every chick has her floor/tummy workout!  But I'm by the beach and it's warm then I'll swim. I'll swim for forty-five minutes, which feels like forever.

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So nothing too crazy?
No, I never really got into yoga or Pilates or anything like that. I don't like big groups. I have a lot of injuries so I prefer one on one, and to be honest I just like to sweat. I feel like it's good for my mind.

Are there any particular exercises that you hate doing?
Yeah, all of them! [laughs] It's my job, so I have to. But I guess, running's not great. Squats suck. Anything with a weight ... I'm quite lazy by nature, so I could just stay in bed. Pizza in bed, perfect.

If it didn't pay off, in terms of what you look like, you wouldn't do it?
If it wasn't my job, sure.

Do you do any particular type of prep before a big shoot?
I'll probably do a mask, but I'm not that exciting anymore. I've got a kid, so I'm always in bed by eight. It's just constant maintenance with this job. Sleep, eat right, stay in shape...

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How do you balance being a mother and trying to find the time to fit everything in?
It's a constant balance. With any working single mum, you just try to have an amazing support team, and you have to work. So you just kind of deal with that, and get it done, and come home. If there are jobs back to back, I'll say no to one if it doesn't feel like it's worth it. You just try to figure it out. That's all you can do. And just try and balance so you feel good. So you can give quality time.

Do you take any supplements or anything like that?
Yeah, and it's funny, because I always buy my vitamins from Australia. I come home so much, so I always stock up here and take them back. I don't know why. I always think the ones over there don't work. I take vitamin C and all your usual suspects. I also started taking the Elle Macpherson [Super Elixir]. It's gross, but whatever. I think that it works. If you mix it with a juice, it's totally fine. And it fills you up. It's got a lot of good things in it, and [when I take it] there's a noticeable difference in my energy levels.

Nude by Nature's Flawless Collection is available August 31 from Priceline stores and

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