Do you REALLY need to brush your hair?

Do you REALLY need to brush your hair?

Long story short

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We all love a dishevelled bedhead, but this will have you reaching back for your hairbrush

French girl hair, sex hair, effortless, scrunchy beach hair... since we swapped shiny Victoria's secret curls for mussed-up locks, our hairbrushes have been left gathering dust somewhere. But we can't ignore that niggling feeling we're doing our tresses a disservice by literally leaving them hanging - and as it turns out, we're right (it happens).

If you want healthy hair, you need to brush it - simple as that. Added bonus: brushing hair regularly (do it before you go to sleep or before you wash so you're not left with frizz) encourages growth, keeps your scalp in tip top condition and prevents oily roots. Don't believe us? We asked award-winning hairdresser Kevin Murphy (who coincidentally just launched a professional-standard brush collection) to fill us in.

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What hair brushes should every woman own?
"Every woman should own a pure boar bristle brush - boar bristles massage the cuticle layer down which results is a smoother finish and extra shine in the hair. Boar bristles don't snap the hair so they are much gentler on hair that is damaged or tends to get tangled."

Brushing hair seems to have gone out of fashion, but is it essential for hair health?
"Brushing with a good brush (boar bristle being the best) gently distributes natural sebum - nature's best hair conditioner - through the hair. The bristles massage the scalp and stimulate blood flow for new growth and heathy, shiny hair."

When choosing a brush for blow drying, what features should we look for?
"Look for boar bristle brushes that contain 30 per cent nylon bristles. Nylon is essential to support the boar bristles. A large round brush is my favourite because it's better for smoothing and adds just a touch of bounce to the ends. I love a wooden handle because they're light and the natural wood doesn't get hot under the blow dryer or slippery when wet."

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What are the pros and cons of various brush materials?
"I haven't had very good experiences with ceramic as I find the bristles don't last and the brush deteriorates quickly. I want my brushes to last and I'm very old school when it comes to keeping the integrity of the hair intact for the long haul."

Find Kevin Murphy's collection of four eco-friendly boar bristle brushes, including large and small roll brushes, a smoothing brush and styling brush, at

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