Dr Colbert: the New York derm's 5 minute at-home facial

Dr Colbert: the New York derm's 5 minute at-home facial

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Complexion looking dull and lacklustre? Here, we show you the speediest DIY facial - ever

New York dermatologist Dr David Colbert is the quintessential Manhattan skin specialist. Attending to the legs and bodies of pre-runway Victoria's Secret models, giving pre-Oscars facials to Sienna Miller, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, not to mention whipping up specialised products for Angelina Jolie and Michelle Williams - he's known as a veritable skin guru. Boasting a degree in Internal Medicine, a Fellowship in Acne and Wound Healing and even a one-year dermatological research stint at Chanel, Dr Colbert developed his triad facial - a combination of micro-dermabrasion, laser toning (with no downtime) and a fruit-acid exfoliation - to much success.

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While you have to be in New York to get the triad, like all high-profile derms, Colbert soon turned to producing his own line, Colbert MD. A range dedicated to addressing anti-ageing and general comlexion issues such as dull skin, loss of elasticity and collagen production, the products can be combined to create your own mini DIY facial that mimics the potency of the triad. "You're getting a one-hour laser facial with just three or four products," explains Colbert. Here, he explains how to get that glowy, just-walked-out-of-my-office skin at home.

Step 1: Cleanse

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"Start off with the Balance Purifying Cleanser - it's gentle lactic acid for exfoliation, with antioxidant and antibacterial Ginko Biloba and a bit of Cosmine for collagen production. It's all delivered using QuSome technology - all our products carry it and what it does is wrap the active ingredients and delivers them deep into your skin. Why? Retinols and vitamin C can sometimes sit on your skin and irritate it, but QuSome means they sink immediately through the dermis."

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Step 2: Exfoliation

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"Intensify Facial Discs are a combination of chemical peel, microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation - the active ingredient is Bromelain - which contains lactic acid, glucosamine and pineapple enzyme to brighten a dull complexion. It's so easy and brings out a whole new layer of the skin that's fresh and clean. You can follow this up with a Tone Control Facial Disc - it has a molecule called Inflacin, which reduces redness and special technology to break up hyperpigmentation and stop the production of melanin."

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Step 3: Double exfoliation

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"Stimulate The Serum contains glycolic acid to simulate the laser portion of the facial. It's super light, a microscopic fruit peel that also contains Café Arabica to energise the skin, silk peptides and Gotu Kola, which is a collagen building block. It helps with acne, but it good for all skin types, because it's gentle."

Step 4: Moisture

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"After you do a serum you have to put moisturiser on - depending on the time of day, try Nutrify & Protect Day or Soothe Night Cream. And you can choose to top it off with Illumino Face Oil - which contains 11 oils (including yangu, marula, passionfruit and argan), plus retinol and vitamins A and C wrapped up in the QuSome. Nina Garcia from Project Runway calls it the best make-up primer on the planet."

Colbert MD is part of the Mecca Trove collection and is available in stores now and online

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