Business models: Miranda Kerr

Business models: Miranda Kerr

The supermodel talks sales

Text: Anna McClelland

Image: KORA Organics

Setting out to prove they're more than just pretty faces, there's a bevy of business-minded Australian models building brands beyond the runway

The success stories share one common link: they bottle the essence of their founder's appeal, giving fans the chance to buy in. For Lara Bingle, it's her perpetually bronzed bod, for Jessica Hart, her girl-next-door radiance and for Cheyenne Tozzi, her alluring sex appeal.

Miranda Kerr was the first Aussie girl to step off the runway and into the board room, launching KORA Organics, her range of certified organic, 100 per cent Australian made skincare, in 2009. Originally developed to cater for Kerr's own skin only, she quickly identified its business potential.  

"In the modelling industry we have so many products applied to our skin day after day that it can eventually start to take a toll, no matter how much water you drink or how healthily you eat," Kerr says. "I wanted to make a conscious effort to use certified organic products at home to ensure my skin was getting the nourishment it needed to keep it at its best. Everyone saw the results they were having on my skin and started asking for them, so we developed the range further into specialised products suitable for all ages and skin types."

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Kerr qualified as a certified health coach at the New York School of Integrative Nutrition to equip her with the knowledge she needed to produce her skincare - supplementing the nutrition studies she undertook before moving into modelling.

She is fiercely proud of her brand's Australian roots and worked with a team of organic chemists in Australia to develop the range.  "I'm very proud to be Australian and this company is an extension of me, so there was never a thought or discussion of it not being Australian made," she says.

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For Kerr, KORA's organic credentials are equally important. It's a subject she's passionate about - educating consumers about the difference between certified organic and so-called natural products. "Certified Organic is the most heavily regulated ingredient system and only certified organic guarantees no toxic synthetic pesticides, toxic synthetic herbicides or chemicals are used in production of ingredients," she explains. "Organic producers and processors are subject to rigorous announced - and unannounced - certification inspections to ensure they're producing and processing organic products in a manner you and your family can trust."

Organic skincare, Kerr tells us, is one of the fastest growing areas in the beauty industry and it's a shift she's excited to see. "I receive testimonials from customers all around the world where my products have really made a difference to their skin," she says. "I'm often brought to tears reading the emails - problematic skin has a huge impact on people's confidence."

What's next for one of the world's most successful women? "We're working on expanding the range with some exciting new products and also working on market-specific needs," Kerr reveals. "For me the vision for KORA Organics is to become a household name globally - I'd love to see more people educated and aware of the benefits of using certified organic skincare and embracing a much more natural and holistic approach to life." 


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