Business models: Lara Bingle Worthington

Business models: Lara Bingle Worthington

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Image: The Base by Lara Bingle

Setting out to prove they're more than just pretty faces, there's a bevy of business-minded Australian models building brands beyond the runway

Model, Tourism Australia poster girl, WAG, clothes horse, reality TV star, paparazzi fodder... businesswoman. In the past nine years alone Lara Bingle has been slapped with a lot of labels, but it's her most recent venture, tanning line The Base, that has critics finally sitting up and taking notice.

When asked how involved she is with her burgeoning business, new mum Lara Bingle - or we should say, Bingle Worthington - replies, "100 per cent." And we don't doubt it for a second. Our emails and image requests are answered personally by the 27-year-old herself, not an agent or PR rep, and it's clear Bingle Worthington knows her business inside and out.

The Aussie model launched The Base, an edited collection of eight tanning products, in November last year. The Australian-made line consists of gradual and instant tanners, illuminators and the LB cream, Bingle Worthington's take on BB. Priced from just $24-$39, it presents an affordable way for Bingle Worthington's fans to emulate her much longed-for golden-limbed look.

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"The Base started out of my apartment with just myself and a laptop," Bingle Worthington says. "So the thought of developing a product, designing a range, building a website, learning every detail of how an online shop works, creating campaigns and overseeing a team of people to help my vision come to life, seemed SO overwhelming. But I believe in taking educated risks, working hard and dreaming big, and that was the solid base I needed to begin."

Her perseverance is paying off: The Base has resonated with women across the country and Bingle Worthington revels in the feedback she's received so far. "Nothing [has been personally] more rewarding and fulfilling than seeing women receive their The Base products and love them!" she says. "That's why I was so passionate about starting The Base as an online store only. I believe it allows me to connect personally and directly with my customers, which is the most important thing for me in building the brand."

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With the Cronulla-bred beauty renowned for her glowing skin, we figured she'd have some choice fake tanning tips to share, which she happily does: "If streaks or splotches appear, rub half a lemon on the area for two minutes before lightly buffing it in with a damp towel," she says. "Put Vaseline on your eyebrows before you apply tan to your face and use a cold compress before tanning to minimise your pores."

You heard it from the bronzed goddess herself.

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